Welcome to Unica's Plan Your Space Interactive Tool

Start designing your dream kitchen/wordrobe in 6 exciting easy steps!

This exciting guide will be your going-to point throughout the whole process, with a checklist in place, general tips and simple design principles to start making your dream kitchen a reality. When planning a kitchen, Unica Concept starts with you in mind. We firmly believe that any kitchen should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle. Our professional team will stand beside you throughout the whole project, provide you with expert advice and guide you from start to finish so you can forget about the “process” and simply enjoy the fruits of your new beautiful kitchen.

Unica Concept will sit down with you and make the planning of your kitchen an easy and comfortable process. Starting with what functions you want from your kitchen, your budget, right through to the colors and textures that most appeal to you and your taste, creating your very own designer kitchen.