Design is the Difference Between Fine and Fantastic

You are one step closer to seeing your vision come to life, one step closer to enjoying your dream kitchen. You planned it out, dreamed about it, did all the research, hand selected the best kitchen images suited to your style and picked characteristics you’d like to incorporated into the new kitchen design — and now, it’s our time to make it happen. Unica Concept employs the finest kitchen designers, who utilize their creativity and inspiration to take a product from start to finish with you in mind. It takes a keen eye with attention to detail to make the difference between a good and an amazing kitchen. Functionality is one of the most important things we look for when designing a kitchen. Enjoying a kitchen means having all your needs taken care of prior to construction. From strategic lighting, countertops, to flooring, to cabinetry that flows and is in harmony with the rest of the space, tiles and backsplash choices, cuts, transitions and up to where the plugs should go. At Unica Concept we ensure our client never overlooks the little details, which may seem unnecessary or unimportant at the beginning of the project, but will make a big impact upon project completion and the final product. We will ask all the questions like the number of cooks in your home, what type of cooking you prefer or the storage needs suited for your family so that our designer can make informed decisions on location of appliances and more.

Choosing the right qualified professional company, certified and experienced with an extensive background in construction and design will give you a piece of mind that all your needs will be taken care of from start to end.

Shapes and Sizes

Dream Time

Imagine yourself in your fresh new kitchen, preparing a meal for some friends. How does it feel? Does the journey from the cupboard to the preparation area seem smooth? Is there room to put the dishes somewhere while you join your friends at the table? These kinds of questions you need to ask when you are designing your kitchen. Because ultimately, this step will define how efficient and practical your kitchen will be.

The Zone

Whatever the size, a kitchen can be divided into five zones for better ergonomics. These being consumables, nonconsumbles, cleaning, as well as preparation & cooking. Consider your family’s age groups and mobility into the future. Will it still be convenient to reach up and bend down in 10 years time?

Where to From Here?

There is a range of layouts you can choose from to suit the shape of your kitchen. A good layout is designed with the kitchen zones in mind they need to be placed where they relate to the next activity. Correct layout of your zones will produce a kitchen that is more organised and functional day in and day out

The Obsession for Light

For Magic Moments at Home

Why are sunsets so moving and beautiful? Is it because the entire landscape is bathed in soft, warm colors? Is it because new lighting moods are constantly created from one moment to the next? Or is it because we discover the world’s contours in the backlight? We can’t escape the fascination of light. Just as a sunset casts a spell over the landscape, your kitchen can also be orchestrated with a mood that excites and inspires. Discover the captivating panorama of innovative furniture lights and convenient control concepts. Put the right light on your furnishing ideas – with our lighting solutions in your furniture.

Creative Energy

Lighting can bring structure, change, movement. The way we perceive an object or environment largely depends on the lighting situation. Does a space look interesting or monotonous, inviting or oppressive, homely or sober? Light makes the mood. Light can be used to give a space a very personal stamp, make it look bigger, upgrading its practical and aesthetic value.
Refine your furniture and furnishing concepts with the sensitive power of light and transform nondescript rooms into vibrant living spaces. This is where magic lights give you all the options: With compact, energy saving LEDs you can discreetly integrate into furniture. With intelligent lighting control that conjures the perfect feel-good ambiance at the press of a button. With a range of functions that caters to everything your customers could want.