You've Got Style

Good Design Never Goes Out of Style

Style and design are not mutually exclusive. In a well-designed kitchen, they complement each other, striking the balance between style and function. Here are some design tips you might like to  weave into when you are thinking about the style of your kitchen. Consider mixing finishes – having  a combination of unexpected materials creates a warm and a welcoming feel rather than a sleek and impersonal one.

Material Possessions

Popular material options for the kitchen include counter tops – Laminate, Timber, Acrylic, Stone, Stainless Steel.

Get a Handle on Things

There is simply a huge range of beautiful handles available in various materials and styles. But if your looking for a slick modern look, push-to-open offers clean lines. So the best style handle is not to have a handle at all.

The Nuts and Bolts of Hardware

Well beyond the basic hinge, the hardware that contributes to your new kitchen is extensive. Drawer systems, Handle options, Internal Lazy Susan, NUVO storage solutions are just some options that increase your kitchen’s versatility.

Another Door Opens

Many options now exist beyond the basic Melamine door. Material like Vinyl Wrap, Two-pack, Timber Veneer, Aluminium with clear/frosted glass and plastic inserts offer a striking range of style options.

Make a Big Splash

Beyond the huge range of tile options you might consider tempered glass or stainless steel to add personality and texture to your kitchen’s backsplash.


Recharge hubs, tech areas, iPod docks and even televisions now form an integral part of many new kitchens.


Optimized-Page-9-Vintage-Picture For centuries people have found items from the past captivating or at least worth remembering fondly.Vintage Style is an eclectic and casual way of decorating your living space. The style can be adapted to any style of house, from a New York loft to an old country farmhouse. Mix old and new elements to create a vintage style all of your own.


Optimized-page-9-traditionalFrom antique furnishings to floral-print fabrics, traditional style sometimes gets a bad rap as fusty and outdated. But that’s missing the point. While it’s true that this look takes its inspiration from the past, it’s really about comfort. Every element feels familiar, properly placed and predictable


Optimized-page-9-modern-contemporary-pictureThe design is styled with abundant open space and natural light in mind, which makes it feel airy and expansive. Because there isn’t any clutter, every piece has to count. Empty space takes on an almost sculptural quality, carved out by the strong architecture. Because of their openness, interiors are especially well suited to large-scale furnishings, art and accents


iStock_000017846329XXXLarge-w800-h600Unica Concept employs the finest kitchen designers, who utilize their creativity and inspiration to take a product from start to finish with you in mind. It takes a keen eye with attention to detail to make the difference between a good and an amazing kitchen.


Optimized-page-9-ecletic-pictureEclectic style is the great equalizer. It reshuffles the rule book, mixing and matching old and new, East and West, luxury and humble, showy and quiet. It invites you to fill a space with objects you love and unique finds that strike your fancy. Simply put, it’s you, curated