What are you looking forward to in your new kitchen?

Consider what aspects of your current kitchen you could help improve to have better functionality on your new kitchen. What aspects of your current kitchen you’d love to see repeated in the new kitchen? These are some things which will assist you in keeping your focus towards creating a custom product with your needs in mind. Unica Concept considers not only the floor space you have available, but also the height of the ceilings, the available lighting options as well as the flooring material to add features that will make your kitchen the centrepiece of your home

Kitchens are no longer a separate component of the house. Remember to consider connecting rooms and how they interact with the kitchen space creating harmony in the home.

Enjoy your dream

To assist in figuring out the essentials for your new Kitchen, speak to the Design team at Unica Concept. With over fifteen years of experience in all forms of kitchen design, planning your kitchen is simple, not only do you receive valuable guidance regarding the latest kitchen features and trends, but you will avoid any potential pitfalls you may not have considered.

Find your inspiration

Now that you have taken the first step towards the renovating your kitchen, it’s time to have fun. Internet is a quick and easy way to browse through thousands of images of new and exciting kitchen design ideas. From classic, contemporary, traditional or modern designs, you will enjoy a great selection of things you could implement in your new beautiful kitchen. Get inspired by looking through real estate brochures and advertisements, home magazines, visiting model homes and choosing colors that best describe your personality and sense of style. Don’t forget to save images and take notes to the cabinetry kitchen designer towards reaching your goals and creating a final product you will be happy with. Create your “before-and-after” album; you will be amazed at how gratifying of an experience it will turn up to be in the end, after all the hard work is done and your house feels like home again.

Color has the power to seduce, relax, or excite. It is possibly the most emotional element of any room.


Colors has the power to soothe, comfort, energize or excite. It’s one of the most emotional elements of a room. Dark colors make small spaces seem smaller. Light colors make an area feel more spacious. Unexpected pops of color have branched out of the clothing fashion industry into our kitchens– so splash out on some citrus-hued accessories or even neon. However consider choosing neutral cabinets and countertops and use paint and accessories to add color, as they’re easier to change as trends change. Unica Concept will provide you with real 3D visuals displaying your kitchen in true color, down to the finest details, ensuring every aspect of the kitchen is as you envision it. Let Unica Concept guide you throughout the design journey, creating a kitchen that is truly your very own.

Be a Drama Queen

It’s all about contrast. Contrast assists the balance of aesthetics within a space so consider: Warm and Cool, Light and dark, Bright and Dull, Smooth and textured.

Things to Consider

What direction does the room face?

How much storage space do you need?

Would you need more cooking or prepping space make your kitchen easier to use?

What kind of countertop surface do you prefer?

Will you use new or existing appliances?

Do you have initial layout ideas?

What is your preferred style?

Are you a dining table or a breakfast bar family?

What bin and recycling system would best suit your family?

How do you use your kitchen?