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Looking for a reception desk to give your guests a warm welcome? Since the reception desk (frontier desk) is the first thing people usually see when they walk into the building, it’s very important to provide a clear and good looking place to go for information. 

Reception desks are the principal focus and the most important part is that they made receptionists work easy. As such, it’s important to find the best one for both, guests to feel welcomed and pleasant for your receptionist.

In addition, here at Unica Concept, our range of reception desks, desk counters and chairs will make sure to give your business the best impression. If you are unsure of what to look for we suggest you read on and discover what to consider and how to make the right choice for your business.

What size and shape the reception desk should I buy?

Whether you have some ideas or none at all, we are here to help you decide on the best option with the very best cost of money.

The size of your frontier desk should absolutely depend on the size of your office/room area. If you have a small size area we suggest and recommend you to choose a compact reception desk that’s designed to be used by one receptionist. Otherwise, if your working room is larger, you definitely should utilize the space and choose a larger frontier desk.

Remember that a small reception desk would look bad in a large reception room, likewise, a large reception desk would be in disproportion with your small area room.

As we mentioned earlier our reception desks come in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. So all you have to do is choose the best one that suits your needs. Below we’re listing our options regarding the shapes of our frontier desks:

  • Single surface reception desks
  • L-shaped reception desks
  • U-shaped reception desks
  • Round reception desks
  • ADA reception desks

How long and deep should my frontier desk be?

Whenever you buy a frontier desk in Toronto, it’s important to pick the best solution of the right size. 

This includes considering its height, length and depth. However, this will greatly depend on multiple factors:

  • Size of area

If you have a spacious reception area, you will be able to introduce a big reception desk. However, if the space is limited, so will be your choice. You’d have to go with a smaller desk which means that it will also affect other measurements.

  • Style of the desk

This factor will bring you even more considerations. You have to decide if you want a raised platform desk so the clients are eye-to-eye level with the receptionist or would you prefer a counter height reception desk? Most of the common solutions is a reception desk that is from 30” to 42” inches high and 14” deep.

However, the standard option isn’t the only one. You can always try different options when you are choosing the length and size. You can go with an L-shaped frontier desk that can be longer on one side than the other. Or you can choose a curved and U-shaped reception desk.

What type of material should my reception desk have?

Remember not to think only about the appearance, what also matters is functionality and commodity. Let’s show you the most popular options related to their materials.

Laminate Reception Desks: They are the most economical ones. Desks with the laminate surfaces are easy to clean and most are used in offices with high traffic due to its advantage of easy maintenance and they are hard or impossible to scratch.

Wood Veneer Reception Desks: If you want a rich and warm look for your office, this is the right choice.  Wood Veneer desks are similar to laminate desks, but the difference is that veneer desks come with a thin layer of real wood. Remember that veneer desks are tricky to clean and require more care.

 Metal Reception Desks: These kinds of desks are usually made of steel. Most of them come with a glass or wood top. 

Glass Reception Desks: In this case, the framework is usually metal, so only the top comes as a glass surface that is very thick to prevent it from shattering. It is easy to clean but remember that it also shows your fingerprints easily. 

Custom Reception Desks: Unica Concept can customize any of our custom frontier desks to fit all your requirements. We can increase or decrease them in size, add or remove sections as needed and the best part is that there are hundreds of combinations of colour or style that you can choose.

Appearance & style of your reception desk

Think about what your customers, guests or other associates would expect as soon as entering your company or office. So you need to make sure that your frontier desk style will reflect your brand as much as possible. It can be modern and trendy with bright bold colours or it could be something more conservative with a natural look, like wood, or composed of dark colours like brown or black. 

The choice is yours, but make sure to be in line with what you are “selling” to your guests. In this way, you will be 100% sure to give the right impression.

What to consider when choosing your frontier desk counter?

  • The ‘wow’ factor 

Think about what message you want to send to your visitors. Think about your brand or business. Then choose carefully about the aesthetics of the space. You should know that your reception area will speak, so make sure to give your business a good light. For a modern business, we suggest and recommend a bespoke reception counter with a twist. And for more professional organizations, a very good option would be wood veneer.

  • Functionality

Appearance isn’t everything that is needed. Make sure that your reception desk is comfortable for both your receptionist and your visitors or colleagues. Someone want to complete or sign paperwork before entering the room? There needs to be space for that too. 

  • Engagement

Is there space to contain a screen for displaying useful information to your visitors, or even just a welcome message. Think about the types of visitors that mostly appear and search for a desk that also interacts between your guests and colleagues.

Find a Partner for Your Kitchen Design

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