7 Kitchen Storage Solution Stars

For someone that loves staying in the kitchen making meals is quite overwhelming looking for something and not finding it right away because of the chaos that was created as a result of the small storage space. If you don’t consider these smart storage solutions we are going to give you in this article, then your small kitchen will quickly feel cramped and not enough. You might feel very confused about where all these appliances, cookware, dinnerware, or fragile glassware will go when you have such a tiny space. 

Whether you are looking for solutions to organize your walk-in pantry or need to smartly optimize the storage area in your current kitchen, that’s when these suggestions from us come in handy. This way you will maximize every inch of your kitchen’s existing storage and ensure you are not wasting valuable space by storing items incorrectly. 

1.Use the under the sink space.

Have you ever been confused about that empty fake-like cabinet under the sink and wondered what’s its function? Well, now it’s time for you to take advantage of that space and use it to store dishwashing essentials and accessories. If the area is spacious, try storing baking-pans vertically or other items you might think fit there. 

2.Lazy Susan.

Not that lazy, Lazy Susan is considered one of the kitchen treasures because it has been proven that this item is a solution for areas that lack storage space in the kitchen. It’s very efficient and will help you avoid the mess when searching for something or even grabbing it from the cabinets. 

3.Use open shelves. 

If you are building a new kitchen or you are taking the initiative to renovate your kitchen, we suggest thinking about what you are going to do with the walls. If you have a small space for your new kitchen, too many cabinets are a recipe for a design disaster. Open shelves not only work as a storage alternative but also make the kitchen look more spacious and they double up as decor pieces while you store your finest and most colorful accessories and glassware.

4.Use the wasted space.

Sometimes many areas around the kitchen are left unused just because are they are small, narrow, or look unusable. Why leave all this space untouched and without a function when you can install racks to store spaces, cooking oils, sprinkles, etc. 

5.Hang the items. 

Some items take up unnecessary space, especially kitchen tools and cooking utensils. They are always creating a mess lying around in a drawer. Install a pot rack and hang pots and pans. Figure out other items and utensils that can be hung and also hang them on a pegboard, that you can put on unused wall space and not let it go to waste. 

6.Use shelf risers. 

You need to start using shelf risers if you want to make the cabinets the most efficient. They allow you to divide the space and use it in an organized way. If there is a space in your kitchen that can be maximized and doubled you should use the vertical way of storing items by using shelf risers. They are perfect to use on countertops as well. 

7.Use the top of your cabinets.

Don’t let all that space on top of the cabinets unused. Stack your ceramic plates, bowls, and big jars. By doing this you optimize the storage inside the cabinets and also add some character to your kitchen by using it for a design purpose. 

We hope that those suggestions from us will help you and make it easier to organize your kitchen and make the most of every inch of it. Don’t be desperate even if your kitchen is in the smallest area of your house and thinks that it is not going to be enough. With the right ideas you can work wonders. All you have to do is to look for storage potential in the right laces and execute your ideas and the suggestions given by us. 

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