Your Kitchen Cabinet Door Style Choice Should Take Into Account These 3 Things

What’s a better way to feel fresh inside your home than having a renovated and up to date kitchen? If you are thinking about doing this, the best and most affordable way is to change the cabinet doors. This might be a great and fairly inexpensive idea to transform your kitchen space. 

Since they take the largest part of the kitchen, cabinet doors make a big statement. When trying to renovate your kitchen you always think first about color and wood material but it’s the door’s style that determines the visual appeal and sets the tone.

Your Kitchen Cabinet Door Style Choice Should Take Into Account These 3 Things

Being the foundation of the kitchen, choosing the cabinet door style should be very thoughtful down to the details. You have to be able to find the best style that suits the rest of the home’s architecture. To make this easier for you, here are 3 things to take into account when choosing your kitchen cabinet door style. 

1. Style.

There’s a door style for every home design. From the simpler ones to the ones with the most details. Take a look at the most preferred styles and choose the right one for your home. 

-Flat is a simple yet very stylish cabinet style. With minimal to no detail make it the right choice to fit a modern and contemporary interior. Easy to clean and visually undemanding.

-Traditional is a look that not many people are going for since modern styles became more embraced. The dark wood or maple color is the classic for traditional kitchen cabinet doors. 

-Shaker a style that dates way back but lately is getting popular amongst modern farmhouse aesthetic fanatics. This is a very cool combination of the sophisticated and old school. 

-Glass cabinet doors are a very great way to add interest to your kitchen. You can proudly display your ceramics and crystal glassware. They require a little bit of styling effort but will never fail to wow your guests. 

-Rustic cabinet doors are characterized by the raw qualities and the appearance of the real wood. Giving a distressed look and lack of elaborate detail and a rural farmhouse feel will make the space look very modern. 

2. Color and finish.  

There are many colors and finishes you can choose from that will create a very good looking kitchen for you. Always find a color that will suit the cabinet door’s style and a finish that will suit the color. It might look overwhelming but it’s not that hard. It all depends on the overall look you want to achieve. You can choose from natural wood color or maple shades with glossy finish or mat for a modern rustic look to high gloss bright colors for a contemporary feel. Make a choice that will pair with your overall style and home architecture. 

3. Details and handles. 

After you made your choice regarding cabinet door style, color, and finish, now it’s time for details and handles. Of Course, choosing them should be based on the cabinet doors’ style. 

You can’t put a wooden handle on a white flat high gloss door because it will look out of place, instead go for a metallic minimalistic one. Consider your kitchen style to match your handles and detailing appropriately. Anyways, even though you might DIY this process, for the best results and easiest way to achieve the desired look for your kitchen, we suggest you hire professionals. 

UNICA Concept will be happy to help you

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