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8 Must-Have Kitchen Design Trends For 2022

The majority of kitchen design trends last ten years or longer. Trends do not follow a straight path. The evolution is gradual, with each trend modifying a little year by year until it fades out of popularity and is replaced by a new one. Keeping up with the latest kitchen trends in 2022 will ensure that your kitchen design has a long life ahead of it.

In 2022, are you planning a kitchen remodel? The last thing you want is for your design to become outdated after a few years. That’s why you should start your remodeling project by looking into kitchen design trends in 2022.

We looked back at previous trends, spoke with experts, and even looked into the future to see what styles will be popular in the coming decade. Here are eight modern kitchens trends you can trust on.

1. Minimalism As A Kitchen Design Trend

Kitchens will remain clean and sparse in 2022 and beyond. In the coming years, kitchens will more rely on smart functionality and technology. In the kitchen, there will be more cordless, app-controlled, voice-controlled smart appliances and other features.

Clean lines are always present in minimalist kitchen design trends, but fine-grained woods, geometric patterns, and angular design on faucets and appliances will add even more lines to the kitchen.

Organic, free-flowing shapes in the mid-century modern style will also be featured in designs in 2022 and beyond. You’ll witness geometric lines and organic curves hanging out in perfect harmony next to each other.

2. A Bold Color That Is Permanent

Permanently bright color is a risk in kitchen design since you never know how long a hue will be current. Bold color has made a comeback in the kitchen space during the last few years, and not just as an accent hue.

From the cabinetry to the kitchen sink, bolder, brighter colors should be used. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing from the color palette. Blues and greens have always been popular in kitchen decor. When in doubt, go for rich plums, navy blues, gray-greens, and earth tones, which can double as neutrals.

3. Mixing

Curation has taken the place of eclectic style, with quirky taking the place of bespoke. In 2022, if you don’t add some personalization to your kitchen design, it will appear uninteresting. Include meaningful unique elements such as collectibles placed in a vignette, patterns from a favorite foreign country, or a handcrafted feature in your design.

In 2022, mixing will also be a part of your kitchen’s design essentials. In metallics, woods, and paint, combine cool and warm tones. Of the shapes in your kitchen, combine sharp angles and organic curves. Add a plush chair to the corner of the otherwise hard-surfaced space to blur the border between the kitchen and the living room.

4. Layering

These days, layering is the current buzzword in kitchen design trends. Textures, patterns, kitchen lighting, and more can all be layered. You’re basically starting with a theme and layering variations of that theme on top of each other.

Patterns within patterns provide a quilted effect, which is becoming increasingly fashionable in design. Choose a single pattern and use different colors to layer it in different regions of the space. Make sure you have ambient, task, and accent lighting when layering lighting.

5. Statement Island In Kitchen Design Trends

Trends in kitchen design are on the rise. 2022 is the year of the statement island. An island can make a statement in a variety of ways. 

Cabinets of various colors on the kitchen island can be found throughout the room’s perimeter. It’s possible to use a bright countertop color. It has the potential to include some unique statement pendant lights.

A double island is an up-and-coming island trend. Consider splitting them up into two smaller islands instead of one long one. Include a bar-style island on one of the kitchen’s outside edges and a task-oriented island in the center. To maximize workspace, stack the islands two deep with a walkway between them.

6. No Cabinet Knobs

In 2022 and beyond, you’ll see fewer cabinet knobs and pulls thanks to the minimalist trend. This straightforward approach to kitchen cabinets is further enhanced by flat front cabinets.

Cabinet handles have a tendency to draw attention. They can be utilized to give a level of intricacy to a design that truly makes it stand out. In this example, though, the goal is to have the cabinet stand alone. A lovely wood grain should not be disrupted but should be allowed to shine through.

7. Dark Oak & Walnut As A Kitchen Design Trend

Oak and walnut have beautiful linear grains, so it’s no surprise that they’ve become the kitchen trends of 2022. Walnut is a rich, natural tone that complements both neutral and bold color schemes. For kitchens, a flat-front walnut-type cabinet will be the best option.

Oak has already had its moment in the kitchen, but this is a far cry from the oak of the 1990s. The dark stained oak gives it a deep gray tone that goes well with today’s no-nonsense kitchen styles.

8. Natural Materials

The extremely refined materials of the past, which were frequently sterile and synthetic, are no longer fashionable. Natural materials like stone, cement, and wood, as well as neutral colors, have redefined refinement for 2022. They draw attention to other aspects of the design and keep things simple but grounded.

Consider using cement or a stone with little grain or veining as a kitchen countertops. Choose timbers with a medium brown color and a straight grain. Create a kitchen with only the most basic “ingredients” that you can understand and relate to.

The materials that are referred to be “bare” are far from simple. They allow the beauty of simplicity and nature to come through, opening up a world of possibilities.

Paying attention to 2022 kitchen design trends can assist you in completing a kitchen redesign that will be relevant for the following decade.

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