Bright And Airy Kitchen Design Ideas

Vintage wood or maple-colored kitchen cabinets may be cool for a classic style but if you want a bright and airy one, you should go towards neutrals, whites, and creams. They will give such a modern and clean feel and look, and will never go out of style. If you go for light color themes, space will draw from every light source and will appear much more lit and crisp. Having a natural light face in your kitchen may ease your job even more. If you’re not lucky enough, you have to play with some tips and tricks that we are going to give you throughout this article so you can achieve the brightest kitchen. 

White cabinets

We all know that white is a color that reflects light and is one of the first tips for achieving an airy and spacious bright kitchen. If you own a small kitchen, the option of a white-based design can make the space look a lot brighter. If you think white can seem cold and without dimension, do your research and look for different finishes and undertones to make your kitchen less monochromatic. Maybe some colors for contrast will give the kitchen more of a vibe and personality. 


Homeowners sometimes go overboard with filling all the spaces of a kitchen with things like appliances, pans, pots, etc. One of the main tricks is to declutter it from unnecessary items that don’t need to be shown and putting them inside the cupboards and cabinets. 

Add greenery

Plants bring life to any space. Green is scientifically proven to give calmness to the human eye. Putting plants in some corners around the kitchen will not even freshen up the air. It will also make it look beautiful and give a natural vibe. 

Under Cabinet lighting

Installing led light strips under the cabinets will trick the eye into thinking that there’s more natural light. They can also come in different colors and will give a pop of color and fun to the kitchen overall vibe.

Glass-front cabinets

Glass cabinets will give an aesthetic feel and will display the most precious and beautiful glass and ceramic ware. They will make space look more spacious and expensive. 

UNICA Concept will be happy to help you

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