Top Benefits of Cabinet Refacing to Consider for Your Kitchen Remodel

  If you are thinking that your house feels kind of boring lately, the right thing to do is to give a new atmosphere and fresh look to the space you live in by remodeling your kitchen. We all know the importance of the kitchen on a house’s aesthetic feel and the contribution to the design and look of the house. One of the main parts that really tends to set the mood on a kitchen space is the cabinets and mostly the cabinets refacing. Even if the whole kitchen remodeling and replacing every appliance is impossible for you because of the budget, you still have the option to play with the cabinet refacing. 

Some of the things that you can do with kitchen cabinet refacing

  • Change the texture, style, and color of the cabinets. This can be a drastic change for the better and will make a big difference and statement.
  • Change accessories. Look for modern hinges and hardware. They come in varieties of functions like self-closing, soft-closing, etc. New knobs and pulls will really enhance the aesthetic of the cabinet refacing. 
  • Repurpose. Allow your cabinets to give you more space for organization and better functionality. Try installing pull-out shelves, drawers with spice racks, lazy susans, etc. consider using the top of the cabinets to stack decorative dinnerware and glassware. 

Top Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

  • Time-saving and avoids uncontrolled and excessive mess. Remodeling the whole entire kitchen will leave you hanging for days or even weeks and you won’t be able to use the kitchen. The mess will be immaculate and the time consumed will be considerable. With remodeling just the refacing of the cabinets, the job will be done in less than 2-3 business days, the kitchen can be used meanwhile and the clutter will be insignificant.
  • Cost-effective. To remodel the refacing of the cabinets will cost you half the price of replacing the whole cabinets when restoring a kitchen. 
  • Countless style options. They can offer you many options on style, colors, finishes, hardware, etc. 
  • Environmentally friendly. Since your cabinets are not being totally destroyed and replaced, that means less material is wasting and ending up in landfills. 

UNICA Concept will be happy to help you

UNICA Concept is always here to help you with the confusion you might have while designing your new kitchen cabinets. For almost two decades operating in this field on Canada’s market, we have been more than happy to help every customer and build every dream. we’re not only specialized in kitchen cabinets making, but also in closets, bathroom vanities, reception desks, wall panels, store fixtures, or libraries. Our team is very professional, talented, and well trained. We appreciate every client’s idea and assure you that our job will meet your expectations. Contact us via email at [email protected] or via phone at 416-746-2226 to give you a step-by-step guide on designing the best kitchen you can dream of. 

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