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Custom kitchen cabinets design ideas

There are numerous reasons why people prefer custom kitchen cabinets over pre-configured or semi-custom alternatives. A kitchen’s layout may need a custom design, the homeowner may be thinking about a particularly unique style or there are limited accessible semi-custom cabinetry options on a local range.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, cabinets are a great and relatively inexpensive option to spice up the kitchen’s storage place. Nowadays, there is a growing trend toward an elegant appearance that emphasizes simplicity and minimalism.

However, you’ll stumble across some wild and daring ideas here and there. In 2022, both types will be popular among homeowners. While simple, clean cabinetry will continue to be popular, some homeowners will desire distinctive, personalized styles that stand out. 

To create the ideal kitchen, you must first choose what is most essential to you, and then incorporate the most recent trends in that space.

Here’s a review of a few inspirational kitchen cabinet design ideas for every taste, whether you’re fully remodeling a new house or upgrading an apartment kitchen.

Minimalism is the key

Organization, versatility, and efficiency would be the holy trinity of the minimalist trend. If you enjoy a focus on uncluttered spaces, a monochromatic palette, and sleek lines then this style suits you. Furthermore, minimalism does not have to appear unfinished or monotonous.

It may be difficult to imagine a minimalist kitchen since it is the engine of the house. However, just because less is more with a minimalist interior doesn’t mean the space has to be completely empty. The aesthetic must be pristine but filled with stunning finishes and eye-catching, modern, high-quality appliances.

Modern cabinets can be made out of a variety of materials, including stone, wood, and stainless steel.

Creative Lighting

Cabinetry with under-lighting adds a nice touch to the space. Your kitchen’s lighting has the potential to revolutionize its appearance, elevating it from ordinary to designer-worthy. Incorporate a fixture that stands out in addition to layering lighting sources in the kitchen.

LED lighting is prevalent in modern kitchens for good reason. It is significantly more energy-efficient than other types of lighting in the kitchen, making it a cost-effective and ecologically responsible choice.

LED lighting can be used in the kitchen in a multitude of ways. Underneath the cabinets is an area that is sometimes neglected. Another way to add LED lighting where space is limited is to use the area beneath the shelf.

Open kitchen shelving

Floating shelves can make the area feel more balanced and symmetrical. Open shelves may appear attractive in catalogs, but they are not “imperative” for most households. 

However, with proper organization and the right shelving, you can give your kitchen a truly special and cutting-edge look. The use of open kitchen shelves rather than wall cabinetry is becoming an emerging trend.

New materials such as stained wood, glass, and metal frame are being introduced, as well as innovative solutions such as ceiling mounts, open pantries, and hanging storage. 

 It gives the impression of more room, which is particularly useful in smaller kitchens. It’s time-saving since you can see and grab what you need without opening cabinet doors to look inside. Because everything is on display, think carefully about what you put on the shelves. Every utensil, dish, or jar has an effect on the overall design and feel of your kitchen.

Many color finishes in one kitchen

Today’s homeowners have access to an almost limitless number of cabinet finish colors and methods thanks to technological advancements. The options are endless, ranging from warm browns to faded blue.

Mixing multiple finish colors for a fully unique design is one of the anticipated trends in 2022. The upper cabinets could be painted green, while the base cabinets have a natural wood finish. It’s all about putting together an appealing design by integrating various elements.

One simple method to do this is to paint the island a different color from the surrounding cabinets. Because the island resembles a piece of furniture, it’s a simple breakout piece on which you may be creative.

If you want to take it a step further, try combining two contrasting colors or go for a neutral palette.

At Unica Concept in Toronto, we take the time to listen to your views and expectations before arming you with the tools and expertise you need to make the best decisions for your project. We then put your concept into action on a unique layout that is tailored to your personality, space, and style.

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