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Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends For 2022

Kitchen cabinet color trends are changing daily and the number of customers that want to change the color of its cabinet is increasing. Trends rarely appear out of nowhere, with little to no inspiration. They are built upon year after year continuously evolving as tastes and styles alter. At Unica Concept we specialize in custom kitchen cabinets. We put a lot of effort to provide our customers with their dream kitchen. Our team always aims to keep up with the latest trends in kitchen cabinetry. 

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In this article, we have listed some of the kitchen cabinet colors that are trending right now. 

1. Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

While the thought of a vibrant, colorful kitchen may captivate you, you may be hesitant to include bold and colorful cabinetry in your kitchen owing to the possibility of resale. We understand that committing to colors can be a big decision for some homeowners. That’s why sometimes they tend to use colorful cabinets in their bathrooms or laundry rooms and choose to have a simple design in the central part of their house. Fortunately, it seems that this way of thinking is changing now. Color is having a potential comeback in kitchen design trends. 

2. Avoiding Excessively White Kitchen Cabinets

We have to admit that white kitchen cabinets will never go out of style. It has been one of the most favorite colors for years now and it seems to remain the same. However, we may say that there is a shift away from pure white kitchen cabinets. Moving away from white kitchen cabinets doesn’t mean that you start using vibrant colors for painting kitchen cabinets. Instead, you can start and make a nice combination of soft warm tones.

3. Deep Green Kitchen Cabinets

As you could notice from the colors listed these kitchen cabinet color trends are all about bringing the warmth back into the kitchen’s interior design. That’s where the green color comes in. Deep forest greens are becoming extremely popular in today’s kitchen design trends. That’s because this color offers a sense of warmth but at the same time, it creates a unique interior space. Green is definitely the color to search for in these kitchen color trends. 

4. Natural Wood Tone Kitchen Cabinets

All this time the natural woods have always been hidden under the coat of paint. Making their natural and fresh color invisible on painted cabinets. What’s happening now is that these natural colors of wood are becoming more popular. Natural wood colors give a source of natural light starting with the lightness of white oak, reddish hues of cherry, or the darker browns of walnut. 

Not to mention wood’s durability as a kitchen cabinet material. Authentic wood is a highly practical material that, with appropriate care, may last for decades. It’s also a forgiving finish that can withstand a lot of abuse.

5. Black Cabinets

Black is black. Even though sometimes is considered a very dark color for the bright and airy kitchen space black is being massively used in kitchen cabinets. Black offers a bold elegance not usually seen in kitchen design, but it is really special and unique. It is definitely what you should look for in these kitchen cabinet color trends.

6. Beige and Taupe Kitchen Cabinets

Beige and Taupe are two colors that are very popular as kitchen cabinet color trends. These colors provide the perfect sense of warmth that is necessary for an interior kitchen design. If you prefer more soft shades and warm tones instead of bold black or deep green colors then Beige and Taupe are the right choices for you. They will provide you with the perfect lighting that is necessary for your kitchen space. 

Design your Kitchen Cabinets with Unica Concept

No matter what kitchen cabinet design trends catch on in 2022 and beyond Unica Concept is always a step ahead of the curve. We have extensive experience in providing the most cutting-edge kitchen cabinets that will impress our customers. If you want to give your kitchen a perfect touch and create a flawless kitchen space you already know where to find the best kitchen cabinet makers. Contact us today at our phone number 416-746-2226.

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