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11 Top Trends In Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry is used for more than just storage. When remodeling your kitchen, it is an important part of the overall design. Cabinetry is the jewel in the crown that ties it all together. Cabinet design hasn’t changed all that much in recent years, compared to other aspects like countertops and flooring. Kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, have undergone a few alterations over the years.

Above all, there is a growing trend toward a streamlined appearance that emphasizes simplicity and minimalism. However, you’ll come across some outlandish and daring ideas here and there. In 2022, both types will be popular among homeowners.

Open Shelving In Kitchen Cabinetry

Open shelves may appear attractive in publications, but they are not a “must-have” for most households. Let’s face it, having a matching set of dinnerware or specialty items on display is a must. However, with proper organization and the right shelving, you can give your kitchen a truly unique and cutting-edge look.

The use of open shelves in kitchen cabinetry rather than wall cabinetry is becoming increasingly popular. While it may be difficult to give up your cherished closed-door wall cabinetry, open shelving has numerous advantages. It creates a light and airy atmosphere, giving the impression of more room, which is particularly useful in smaller kitchens. It saves time since you can see and grab what you need without having to unlock cabinet doors.

Color Customization

Cookie-cutter kitchen designs are no longer acceptable to homeowners. They desire something one-of-a-kind that expresses their personality or makes a bold statement. One of the most powerful methods to draw attention is color. Fresh paint color on your cabinets can make all the difference and set you out from the crowd. Manufacturing firms are also paying attention. Even though they offer the most up-to-date finish colors, they remain popular with the general public. As a result, they’ve partnered with paint firms to provide you with an endless palette of colors to choose from.

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry, homeowners are opting for unique hues that complement their kitchen settings. Neutral hues, such as grey, yellow, and light greens, are currently popular but don’t discount the deeper color palette. Many people prefer the high-end attractiveness of black, navy, and emerald green.

Increased Use of Oak Wood In Kitchen Cabinetry 

With Cerused and driftwood finishes, oak wood kitchen cabinetry is making a comeback in the kitchen and bathroom industry. They were the cabinet of choice from the 1970s until the early 1990s. A variation of a raised panel cathedral door with wild grain patterns, usually seen in a honey spice stain, became the mainstay in many homes at the time. The popularity of maple, and cherry and the rise of engineered wood alternatives diminished the employment of oak cabinet constructions after a much-needed absence. Wood veneer and painted MDF are becoming more widespread than ever in cabinet door construction.

Minimalism Is The Way To Go

The holy trinity of organization, cleanliness, and efficiency would be the holy trinity of minimalism in the kitchen. What more could you want than pristine, clutter-free surfaces and beautiful, sleek materials? Furthermore, minimalism does not have to appear unfinished or uninteresting.

Because the kitchen cabinetry is the house’s workhorse, it may be difficult to imagine obtaining a minimalist take on one. However, just because less is more in minimalist decor does not mean the space has to be empty. The look must be simple but luxurious, with luxurious stone, stunning finishes, and modern appliances.

 Clean Aesthetics

The modernizing wave that has influenced home décor in recent years has not spared kitchen cabinetry. The adoption of clean aesthetics in cabinetry building has been one of the most visible effects. Traditional cabinet door styles frequently have ornate design work, however modern cabinet doors do not. They have a recessed panel door with smooth edge profiles and clean, uncomplicated lines that offer only the most basic of design components.

 Multiple Finish Colors in One Kitchen

Today’s homeowners have access to an almost limitless number of kitchen cabinet finish colors and treatments thanks to technological advancements. The options are endless, ranging from warm browns to faded gray. One of the projected trends in 2022 is the use of different finish colors to create a completely distinct look. You should paint the upper cabinets white, while the base cabinets could be left natural. It’s all about combining numerous aspects to create an appealing design.

Move Over Double Bowl Sinks

Today, contactors build kitchen cabinetry with huge single bowl sinks or several sinks, with a focus on functionality. Because handwashing dishes is no longer a common occurrence in most houses, a double bowl sink is no longer necessary. The farmhouse style has gained a lot of appeal in recent years. Farmhouse sinks are popular because of their big, deep depths, which make them more comfortable to use and stylish. If you don’t want to go with an apron front sink, go with a single bowl sink that is the same width as a double bowl.

Storage Solutions for Smart Tech

It was just a matter of time before technology made its way into the kitchen cabinetry. We are now inextricably linked to our electronic devices. As a result, kitchen design has evolved to fit our technological requirements. Modern cabinets should, at the very least, include a charging station for your various mobile devices. Consider installing a docking station or device holder if you use your smartphone or tablet to follow recipes or watch cooking videos while at work. We can incorporate wireless gadgets into the cabinetry for truly high-tech cabinetry. 

Creative Lighting In Kitchen Cabinetry

Your kitchen’s cabinetry lighting has the potential to revolutionize its appearance and feel, elevating it from ordinary to designer-worthy. Incorporate a statement-making fixture in addition to overlaying ambient and duty kitchen lighting.

LED lighting is very popular in modern kitchens, and for good reason. LED lighting in the kitchen is far more energy-efficient than other types of lighting, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for a room that requires appropriate illumination. In the kitchen, LED lighting can take several forms. Under the cabinets is an area that is sometimes overlooked. Another way to add LED lighting where space is limited is to use the area beneath shelving.

Integrated Appliances

Integrated appliances, particularly refrigerators and dishwashers, are becoming more popular since they are designed to fit flush and seamlessly into the surrounding cabinetry. The appliances are fitted with custom panels to cover the original appearance, resulting in a streamlined look and consistent design style. A designer has more freedom with this form of integration. Providing uninterrupted sightlines, overall cohesiveness, and boosting the aesthetic and grandeur of the entire kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinetry With Furniture Flair

Your kitchen cabinetry should never be monotonous. Especially as it is regarded as the home’s beating heart. For a majestic statement piece, make the most of the “extras” and include furniture styling touches into the mix. Decorative wall cabinet doors, lighting, a decorative toe base treatment, and a countertop between the base and wall cabinets may easily change a typical tall pantry cabinet into a hutch or armoire-looking piece. To design your own personalized coffee center, messaging center, or dry bar, don’t forget to include those particular storage alternatives behind the doors and drawers.

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