Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel Ideas And Design

There is no other room in your home as multifunctional as the kitchen. If you’re looking to do a kitchen remodel, remember that a successful kitchen design needs to unify functionality with the personal requirements. The heart of the home, this space has evolved from a strictly serviceable unit into a versatile room to prepare food, entertain guests and share meals.

When discovering kitchen ideas, there are serval aspects that you should consider before you start a kitchen remodel. First and foremost you should consider your layout and where would you place large appliances. Next, the focus goes to storage; kitchens contain a lot of utensils and you need to make sure to have enough space to store all of them within easy reach.

Lastly, your kitchen should always reflect your personality with its design and vibe.

How do I determine my kitchen layout?

If you’re starting a kitchen remodel, now is a great time to create exactly what you want and need. Always focus on functionality and how your kitchen design can cater to your needs. When it comes to layout, always focus on optimizing your space. For example, for tight spaces, a galley layout is a great option for your kitchen remodel. 

Since horizontal space can be limited, think vertical. Stack counter and shelves high up on the wall and try to find original and ingenious storage containers for a double-duty work. 

For larger spaces give it a try an L-shaped or U-shaped design with a big island. These shapes will provide you with plenty of cabinets and countertop space. Reviewing and browning kitchen photos are a great way to get a feel for a different kitchen to remodel or design to help you decide what you want.

Another essential kitchen remodels to consider is the work triangle. Even that is an old concept, it is still highly utilized within the kitchen design. This simple idea will save you both time and energy. Its concept consists of three main work areas: the sink, the stove and the refrigerator. Given the effectiveness of this design, it should definitely be taken into consideration.

How can I add more kitchen storage?

Kitchen designs can be really complex given the number of items that it contains. You need cabinets, drawers and shelves to store and organize all your appliances. To maximize your kitchen space you can include:

Also, consider spaces such as corners or under the sink to achieve clutter-free countertops. You can also free up some space by storing some of your rarely used items outside of the kitchen.

What materials should I use for my kitchen design?

Picking interesting materials is the key to make your kitchen idea and design to stand out. When it comes to counters, granite and marble countertops are the best choice for an elegant option. While concrete, limestone and stainless steel are a little vogue. Frosted cabinets can also be great for a more modern element. If you are looking for a kitchen remodel or design ideas that are rich in colours, consider adding a bright mosaic tile backsplash. Or you can even pick a vibrant floor finish. After you gather your inspiration and ideas from the photos, our team at Unica Concept will be ready and in use to help you choose and make the best kitchen design. 

What kind of kitchen decor should I choose? 

When looking for kitchen design ideas, take into consideration what inspires you when it comes to kitchen remodel. Given the fact that this room is the heart of your home, walking into it should invoke joy and energy. Black and white patterns are simple yet elegant. If you are a traditional type, darken it up with a smoky gray design. Another pragmatic kitchen decorating idea is to add a chalkboard so that your family can contribute to it with their own notes, events, recipes etc.

Find a Partner for Your Kitchen Design

If you are feeling confused and you haven’t gotten a partner for your kitchen design Unica Concept is here. The shade matters when choosing gray for your kitchen cabinet colour. If you’re the traditional type, darken it up with a smoky gray. Go light for a contemporary, chic style or a distressed barn wood to unleash the shabby-chic in you. Unlike some other cabinet colours, grays will offer the perfect balance of warmth and neutrality, working well for any size kitchen and style.

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