Closet organizer ideas

Tips: 12 Smart Closet Organizer Ideas!

No matter how hard you try to keep your closet under control, it will always somehow end up becoming a cluttered catch-all for everything. Maximize your closet space with these affordable closet organizers ideas. You can go big with a complete overhaul or find an organization idea that fits best your needs. It can tackle major problems areas like shoe racks, handbag collection, and other accessories. 

There is a clever idea for every space and budget, so you will have a more organized and manageable closet in no time. 

Insert Clothing Dividers

You can easily sort through different sizes of clothing by printing easy-to-hang dividers tags on cardstock. In this way, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Install a Hidden Temper

Consider adding a built-in hamper if you’re installing a shelving unit to walk-in closet. In this way, you can keep your floor free of clothes, towels and other linens.

Enlist the Help of Shower Rings

Use shower rings to create individual holders for your entire collection of scarfs, instead of devoting a hanger for each one of them. Or even worse, knotting multiple on one and causing major wrinkles. 

Use all Vertical Space

Want more space to hang belts, scarves, neckless, and purses? Take notes of any extra space and fill it with hooks right after installing a closet system. We suggest placing the hooks at varying heights. 

Make Reusable Labels

In a shared closet, tie chalkboard labels onto bins. In this way, everyone knows where their accessories, shirts, and other items are.

Hang Your Favourite Accessories

When it comes to organizing hats, bags, and necklaces, hooks are your best friend. Also when grouped together in neat rows, your favourite outfit makers double as a decor moment.

DIY Drawer Organizer

Find jewelry, socks or your favourite swimsuit in a flash. For these simple-make organizers use bright and patterned scrapbook paper. That will add a dose of happiness every time you open your drawer. 

Make DIY Fabric Bins

Since storage bins can get somehow expensive, we suggest you try crafting some simple storage bins with the fabric of your choice and then organizing to your liking. 

Keep it Clear

Clutches and wallets often get lost in the chaos. Display these beauties by securing acrylic holders to the wall.

Hang Some Curtains

Use curtains to conceal your clothes instead of closing the closet door every morning.

In this way, it’s relatively easy to hide your clothes even when the space is slightly over-stuffed.

Use Every Nook and Cranny 

Leave no space untouched by filling any open shelves with bins and other organizers. You can even add smaller fabric bins below rods full of clothes. Storing belts and other accessories. 

Color Coordinate Your Containers

The easiest way to take your closet from junky jaw-dropping? Pick your colours wisely. All white hangers look super clean. While light blue containers add an element of surprise.

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