Simple closet ideas and storage space

Simple Closet Ideas: How to Upgrade Storage Space?

Not every home has the space for a large walk-in closet with features like an island and different decorative add-ons. Included here: crown moulding, sculpted edges, baseboard, and glass cabinet doors. Additionally, a more elaborate closet project does not fit every homeowner’s budget.

However, a custom reach-in closet or smaller walk-in closet with a simple design can be a great choice to upgrade your storage space providing a stylish look, functionality and high-quality products. 

Advantages of Simple Closet Ideas

Choosing a smarter layout and features to maximize your storage space, will transform your closet space regardless of the size by adding undeniable benefits. It will be a great investment for your space. Most importantly, you will streamline your daily routine by having a space for everything. which will make your closet easier to keep tidy. 

Having a closet makeover will refresh the appearance of your wardrobe storage. Especially if your old closet interior has consisted of a well-worn hanging rod, sagging top shelf and poor lighting.

Here are some specific benefits to using more simple closet ideas when you are having a closet design put together by Unica Concept professional team:

More affordable: Allows homeowners to have the desired closet design with a more modest budget.

More quickly: The order you’ll choose is able to be turned around in less time, having your closet storage needs to be addressed quickly. 

Double Reach-in Closet

A popular design option we use mostly is our double reach-in in a master bedroom, using melamine finish called Chocolate Pear. One reason for this finish popularity is it’s appealing look. Another reason is that it is available in all the various materials including melamine. 

The space we created with this closet design has useful access from both doorways. It is completely open inside and there is no dividing wall between. 

Utilizing a Smart Closet Layout Design

Depending on how the layout was conceived, two separate closet spaces with identical dimensions can deliver drastically different levels of functionality and storage space.

Our design consultants at Unica Concept always strive to devise creative and practical designs allowing all of our clients to get the most out of their remodelled closet. 

The absence of a dividing barrier between the closets will allow flexibility with the closet’s layout.

On the left side, we set up a double hanging rod for short clothes. Doubling up closet rods and opening up the length of the space is the biggest part of any closet renovation. 

The right side of the closet is split. It is a space for hanging long clothes. However, on its left is a tower of shelves for folded clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. 

Don’t Forget the Linen Closet

As a home storage space worthy of an upgrade, the linen closet tends to get overlooked. It is a utilitarian storage area, however, it doesn’t mean it cannot function better and look nicer. A linen closet doesn’t require quite the same level of design detail as a bedroom closet. Therefore, simple closet ideas will apply perfectly to it. 

To make your space function more efficiently we recommend adding custom cabinetry with adjustable shelving. 

When it comes to your closet, “simple”, doesn’t mean inferior or low quality. Whether you are searching for an affordable and simple closet design or looking to splurge on a dream closet, Unica Concept has every solution for your needs. 

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