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Top Closet Design Trends for 2023

Let’s look at some closet design trends that will make you the envy of all your friends and family as the new year draws near.

The simple custom closet, one of the most popular interior design concepts this year, served as the model for home storage, wardrobe arrangements, and organizing. It’s simple, entertaining, and surprisingly affordable to update your wardrobe to conform to the most contemporary storage and design trends.

Colours and Color Pallets For Closets

Let’s look at some closet design trends that will make you the envy of all your friends and family as the new year draws near.

Simplicity is key in custom closet design, one of the most popular interior design concepts this year. Updating your wardrobe to conform to contemporary storage and design trends is simple, entertaining, and surprisingly affordable. Discover 2023’s fashionable closet design trends by reading on.

Adapt the Closet to the Surrounding Space

European-style closet designs, sometimes known as invisible closets, are becoming popular, especially in smaller areas. Installing the cabinet includes making sure there are no gaps that could visibly show a closet. Handle-free doors that give the appearance of a solid wall let the closet’s outside blend with the surrounding walls, maintaining the room’s progressive design.

Ditch the Dull, Neutral Timbres

Vibrant colours and textures enhance a room’s visual appeal and make it stand out. Solid colours provide a beautiful background, but adding flashy hardware, patterns, texture, or unique lighting can make the room pop.

Fit Hardware that Catches the Eye

Select statement hardware for your design, such as custom metal or hand-painted glass. Choose a piece that complements your home’s style and avoid a rustic look in your closet.

Luminaires or Lighting Fittings

Custom closet trends in 2023 focus on colourful and edgy lighting fixtures strategically placed throughout the space.

The style of hanging gallery lights and bulbs is returning.

  • LED lights are a cool alternative to yellow bulbs.
  • If applicable, large windows take precedence over illumination.
  • Aim to install LED lights, big windows, and cooler bulbs.

Go for Ultra-Modern Storage

The quality of the furniture in your bespoke storage adds beauty to your closet. Additionally, creating a custom closet gives you and your designer the chance to create appealing places that suit your requirements. This facilitates improved organizational skills, allowing you to efficiently store and access your items.

Cabinets, Add-Ons, and More

Storage and organizational accessories are now simpler and more practical, with multiple uses that save time, money, and space. Furniture like cabinets, drawers, and built-in islands strike a balance between function and aesthetics. Open-faced cabinets are fashionable and ideal for multi-purpose closets and essential furniture pieces. Add built-ins, dynamic storage, and other accessories to boost organizational capacity.

Display Your Items Rather Than Just Storing Them

Custom closets require secure storage compartments for storing items. Attractive storage allows for easy retrieval and visually appealing displays for creating stunning presentations quickly.
Unica Concept’s designers are knowledgeable about the most recent ideas and trends for closets. For the ideal space, communicate your vision for your bespoke closet with our designer by 2023. To learn more, get in contact with us to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

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