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7 Ideas for the Perfect Kitchen Renovation

You must be in the midst of a perfect kitchen renovation or be building a home with a brand-new kitchen if you are currently thinking about the layout of your kitchen cabinets. It goes without saying that you start from scratch when building a home. To make your kitchen cabinets more functional for your purposes, you should reorganize them when remodeling your kitchen. You might be able to make far greater use of the available space in your perfect kitchen with a fresh layout, making it appear larger.

1. Combine Open Shelving With Closed Cabinets

There is no requirement that your kitchen feature either open shelving or closed cabinets. If combining the two will provide you access to greater storage, you can do so with ease. You may create a space that is practical for your requirements by adding a few open shelves to an area that would otherwise be wasted space.

2. Construct Two Rows Of Upper Cabinets

The majority of homeowners, like you, have cabinets along the bottom and top of their kitchens. However, the area above those top cabinets where the cabinets cease and the ceiling begins is frequently empty space. That area might be used to arrange a few sentimental items, but it could also be used to add an additional row of smaller cabinets. Then, you can use these kitchen cabinets for the dinnerware you don’t use frequently during the year.

3. Construct Cabinets Beneath The Dining Area Of The Island

Although cabinets are frequently found behind kitchen islands, many homes also lack storage space beneath the dining area. As opposed to the typically large and deep cabinets seen on many islands, adding cabinets there will allow you to have smaller cabinets that are more functional.

4. Install Perfect Kitchen Cabinets Above appliances

There is a ton of unused space above each of these items if you are putting wall ovens, microwaves, or even a pantry. For even more storage, we advise adding cabinets over such spaces. 

We are aware that you won’t want to store products in those cabinets that you use every day. You can still use them, though, for things you only use occasionally. Additionally, it will save you from having to find a different location outside of your kitchen to store those products.

5. Utilize Those Smaller Spaces

In the little area between the dishwasher’s end and a cabinet or the space between the sink and a cabinet, pullout cabinets of different sizes can be used. The smallest pull-out for a spice rack is 3″. These cabinets might just be large enough to store canned items or spices.

You might discover that you do, however, have enough room for a pull-out cabinet that will house your trash and recycling bins. With pullout cabinets, the options are virtually unlimited, and you won’t regret installing them all in the available space.

6. Construct A Single Or Two Glass Doors For Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

You might be tempted to stow everything in your kitchen behind cabinets. However, we urge you to think about adding one or more glass doors to your kitchen cabinets. A glass door can add a splash of color from the contents within to break up the monotony of a wall of cabinets. 

You can keep some precious objects in those cabinets with glass doors. Even when the rest of the room is entirely dark, we advise putting lighting on the cabinet to give visual appeal.

7. Include One Or Two Kitchen Cabinets In The Pass-through

Your dining room or living area’s pass-through may appear fantastic when it is completely open. That shouldn’t prevent you from putting in a few cabinets in that area, though. As adding cabinets to the top of the pass-through will make the space appear cramped and unwelcoming, we do not advise doing so. But one great approach to make this area more usable is to add a cabinet to the side that is reachable from both rooms.

Here are seven of the most useful suggestions for a perfect kitchen cabinet arrangement. Obviously, if you’re thinking of changing the design of your kitchen cabinets, you don’t have to apply all of these suggestions. To use the ones that make the most sense to you for all of your kitchen needs, keep these in mind. It is important to decide on these things before you begin remodeling your kitchen since it will be too difficult to change your mind once the cabinets have been reinstalled.

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