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White Kitchen Cabinets

Interior designers frequently choose white kitchen cabinetry. It not only brightens the space but also gives the impression that it is larger. White cabinets come in a wide variety of styles, making it simple to incorporate them into any interior:

  • Modern white kitchen cabinets
  • Transitional white kitchen cabinets
  • Farmhouse-style white kitchen cabinets
  • Framed white kitchen cabinets 

Two categories of white kitchen cabinets exist: 

  • Those with flat (slab) doors and those with a shaker or raised panel doors (any door style that is not flat).
  •  Slab doors are the norm for modern kitchen cabinets, but alternative designs come with raised panel or shaker door variations.

White cabinetry can make the space feel bigger and more inviting if your kitchen has little natural light or isn’t very big.

Because white is a neutral colour, updating your home with new flooring, paint, etc. is simple because your white cabinets will look good through all of the changes. As tastes for different tones change, wood treatments often make a house look dated. Whatever happens, white doesn’t change.

White is a neutral colour that works well in a variety of designs and styles. White cabinets will blend in beautifully with either a sleek modern design or a rustic rural kitchen.

White kitchen cabinets have several disadvantages, but they will never “go out of style.”

White kitchen cabinets never go out of style, regardless of the door design or kitchen layout. Even when other hues, such as white oak kitchen cabinets and walnut kitchen cabinets, were the most popular, white has always been a staple of every cabinet style throughout history. You can’t go wrong with white kitchen cabinets if you’re considering this from an investment standpoint or are simply unsure of which style is best for your home.

Material for white kitchen cabinets 

White kitchen cabinets are made of one of two types of material:

  • Paint
  • Laminate

Painted white kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets that have been painted include the doors, panels, mouldings, trim, toe kicks, etc. With the best spray equipment on the planet, we carry it out in a fully enclosed spray booth of the automotive variety.

Read more about the differences between solid wood and MDF kitchen cabinets and painted kitchen cabinets here. kitchen cabinets without formaldehyde

For contemporary painted kitchen cabinets, painted shaker doors are typically used.

Laminate white kitchen cabinets

For contemporary white kitchens, many interior designers favour laminate. Typically, laminate is used for slab (flat) doors.

Fenix ntm is the high-end laminate that is used the most frequently. I believe it is the greatest material for super matte kitchen cabinets, and I discuss it in great detail in the blog post about matte kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets with a matte laminate finish don’t reflect light well or at all, which has the advantage that fingerprints are less obvious than on surfaces with high gloss. They are incredibly useful for everyday use.

White high gloss kitchen cabinets 

White high gloss cabinets come in the slab (flat) door styles like those in the kitchen pictured above and can be composed of acrylic or poly glass laminate. It can also be polished to a flawless appearance similar to a high-end piano and sprayed with high-gloss urethane paint.

High-gloss shaker white kitchen 

One of the most opulent kitchen styles most frequently utilized in affluent homes is the Shaker door with a white high-gloss finish. It is made of MDF that has been spray painted with piano lacquer, which has a urethane foundation.

At Unica Concept, we take the time to listen to your ideas and expectations and provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to make the best choices for your next kitchen renovation project.

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