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6 Modern Bathroom Cabinet Color Trends for 2022

Choosing the ideal bathroom cabinet color ideas is an important first step when remodeling your bathroom or painting the cabinets. You should give this some serious thought because selecting the proper color or colors for your bathroom cabinetry can significantly affect the ambiance of your bathroom. It can be difficult to focus your search for bathroom cabinet colors in 2022 because there are so many options available.

 You can choose the newest bathroom cabinet designs or perhaps modern bathroom cabinets first. You can also think about a classic bathroom cabinet color after that. Our team at Unica Concept takes its time to listen to your ideas and preferences and provide you with the latest bathroom cabinet color ideas. 

We have compiled the advice of our bathroom cabinet specialists in this guide to assist you to decide on bathroom cabinet color, ideas, and trends, whatever your preferences are for your bathroom storage cabinets. You may make them for your bathroom cabinet ideas by reading this article.

White, the Traditional Bathroom Cabinet Color 

Making bathroom cabinets white is a tried-and-true color choice. This color gives the bathroom a fresh, airy sense, which is crucial because bathrooms can easily feel claustrophobic and like a breeding ground for germs.

White cabinets are timeless and will always look excellent, so you can be sure of that. White bathroom cabinets are the way to go if you ever want to sell your house because purchasers are more likely to choose them.

Aqua Blue 

A deep aqua or royal blue color option might be a classy approach to add some color to your bathroom. They might look particularly nice in a bathroom with a white quartz vanity top that exudes a seaside or nautical theme.

Dark blue tones and golden brass hardware blend well together. These complementary hues can make your bathroom feel cozier and work well together.

If you want your wall color a dark hue like agua blue, painting them white can be a smart option. This will continue to keep the restroom feeling airy and prevent it from seeming too crowded.

Green and Grey

This year, a few bathroom design magazines have featured this unusual color combination since it can look quite stunning. Using green for your bathroom cabinets can help you to create a setting that is almost forest-like. You can go with multicolored green and grey cabinets, but you can also choose solid green cabinets and add silver hardware to bring the color scheme together. This color scheme will put you at rest and give you the impression that you may take your time getting ready for the day or a night out.

Dark green is our favorite bathroom cabinet color at Unica Concept because it intensifies the forest-like atmosphere. Rich satin finishes are a terrific method to fully amaze you with this color scheme every time you see it.

Bathroom Cabinets in Lavender

Lavender is a fantastic color choice for your bathroom if you really want to create a spa-like, peaceful atmosphere. The color lavender for your bathroom cabinets will ensure that your skin is looking its finest and asks you to maximize your skin care regimen.

Because lavender pairs so well with so many other hues, you have a wide range of accent colors to pick from that might give your bathroom a variety of moods. Consider adding a few cherry red accents for an eye-catching burst that gives your bathroom a joyful vibe.

Royal Gray Bathroom Cabinets

 You may use several different shades of gray throughout your bathroom to achieve some fantastic outcomes. Gray is great for bathroom cabinet color design. If you just don’t like the thought of an all-white bathroom, add some grey bathroom cabinets and you might have the ideal solution. Gray is second only to white in terms of how clean it makes a bathroom feel.

We prefer it when bathroom vanities have gray paint with lighter gray top cabinets. This makes the space feel more balanced and makes the bathroom appear larger than it actually is.

Black Bathroom Cabinets

If you choose black as your bathroom cabinet color, you will have a fantastic chance to experiment with some sharp contrasts. If you truly want to highlight the distinctions between bright and dark, we strongly advise utilizing a white vanity top.

We choose a matte black faucet in the white sink to go with the bathroom cabinet theme. By doing this, the black-and-white combination has raised a notch, impressing everybody who views it.

You might think black is too dark, but when worn with a lot of white, it creates a sophisticated appearance that you will adore. To further emphasize the dark and light theme, we also recommend installing black hardware on the cabinets.

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