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6 Things To Consider When Planning A Custom Closet

A custom closet isn’t about resale value it’s about having a space that’s perfectly designed for you. We at Unica Concept provide the best custom closets. 

A poorly planned closet will cost the same to install as a well-designed closet for custom closets. The distinction is in how you utilize the area. Although having a high-quality closet is seen favorably in the real estate market, building one isn’t about maximizing resale value; instead, it’s about having a wardrobe that completely satisfies your needs.

The most typical type of bedroom closet is a wall or reach-in closet. The length of the majority of closets is about 60 inches, and the minimum depth for a wall closet is 24 inches. Although walk-in closets need a different form of space than a huge reach-in closet, they don’t necessarily require a greater square area. In either case, the space should be planned to meet your needs, whether you have a walk-in or reach-in closet.

Here are a few key points we suggest you think about when designing or redesigning your closet.

Consider Your Space For the Custom Closet 

Is your current closet big enough if you’re remodeling? Would it be worthwhile to give up some more room for the closet? Because you probably won’t need a conventional dresser, having a well-designed closet frees up space in the bedroom. Converting an adjacent room is another alternative if you don’t already have a walk-in closet.

Organize Your Space 

Take an inventory of your wardrobe, put like items together, and consider donating any items you don’t use any longer before planning a new closet. Make a list of the quantity and diversity of places you require after you are aware of what you have. Have you got longer than short items? Are your purses outnumbering your shoes? What kinds of products do you have in addition?

Knowing exactly what you have and the kind and amount of storage space those goods need will help you create a custom closet that is ideal for you.

Combining A Custom Closet 

It takes more than just having different sides to create a custom closet just for him and her. Typically, men’s shirts are longer than women’s blouses, so the rods should be hung correctly. It’s possible that one partner prefers to hang their slacks straight while the other prefers to fold them. In contrast to women, who need room for handbags, scarves, jewelry, and hats, males often have cuff links, ties, belt buckles, pocket squares, and watches. Each of these goods requires a particular kind and size of storage area.

Additionally, a custom closet needs to be divided equally. You’ll have a better notion of how much room each partner requires since you’ve already made a list of everything you have.

Economy Matters In Custom Closets Too

You can easily access all of your clothing if your closet is well-designed. To make it simple to view what you have, open shelves should be positioned at waist height. Drawers can be positioned below. Little-worn items can be placed in drawers closer to the floor, while socks, underwear, and accessories should be kept in higher drawers. You won’t ever need to reorganize your closet if you plan it so that each item has its own designated space because your clothes, accessories, and jewelry will all have a place.

5.Pull Off Your Shoes From The Floor

Instead of stuffing your shoes under your hanging pants, there are several more inventive, room-saving, and practical shoe storage solutions. Similar to how handbags and other small items should be stored, shoes should be kept at eye level. Shoe storage only requires around 12 inches, so if you put them on shelves above deeper drawers, you can utilize a pullout shelf system to make the most of the available space. You can choose simple shelves or pullout shelves. Our professional team at Unica Concept will listen to your ideas and preferences and provide the best custom closets in Toronto.

Premium Additions

The capacity of your closet is not limited to storing clothing. There are countless additional features that you may add if you so choose. Imagine valet poles that extend to hold clothes items that have been chosen in advance for packing, personalized LED lighting that may simulate daytime or dusk for applying makeup, a cooler to store perishable cosmetics, or even an espresso maker to assist you to start your day. Everything is doable; you just have to choose what you require.

Choose Unica Concept For Perfect Custom Closets

Unica Concept provides the best custom closets in Toronto and the GTA. We offer a closet designer and several different closet systems when you contact us to ask about custom closets. You won’t have to pay for this! We provide you the option of viewing your design in 3D, and once you give your approval, we’ll arrange the installation of your closet. The procedure is straightforward and made to make getting your custom closets simple for you, allowing you to get on with your life in a freshly ordered way. Call us on our phone at 416-746-2226 or send an email to [email protected]

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