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Kitchen Trends For 2023 You Won’t Want To Miss

If you’re seeking inspiration, you’ve come to the correct place: our renovation and design professionals have compiled the most popular kitchen trends for 2023. Every home’s kitchen serves as the primary social space. When decorating, you want to find a balance between form and function that works for you. Explore walk-out kitchens, marble worktops with veining, and ornate arches to spark your imagination and uncover ideas for your upcoming renovation project!

Lighting As Artistic Creations

Light fixtures are now used for more than just lighting. They set the tone and serve as the room’s focal point this year. Make a bold choice by opting for lighting fixtures that are brimming with personality. Use a variety of materials or choose metals like gold and bronze.

The light fixture should serve as the room’s main point and serve as an inspiration for the rest of the decor. It should be installed above the island. Opt for a single suspension fixture rather than many suspension fixtures. You can always add another lighting source, like pot lights, to complete the space if necessary.

Palette Peach Passion

Step right off the stage, accent colors, and plain white kitchens! The color scheme for this year has been carefully selected to produce a gentle and seamless whole. White is still around, for sure, but it now serves more as a connector between colors. Warm and off-white shades, as well as beige, are prevalent, but peach is unquestionably the color of the year.

Choose many variations of the same color that have matching light components. With light wood species, peach works well. Consider the newest trends in matte white, gold, and copper for faucets and kitchen hardware.

Connecting To The Outside World

As we become more aware of how important it is for our mental and physical health, we are seeking out opportunities to get back in touch with nature. This year, outdoor kitchens will be highly popular because they meet the criteria. By using windows or an accordion door that opens to a patio, the indoor and exterior can be seamlessly combined.

During the warmer months, it’s a fantastic way to increase your living space, and it also lets in a ton of light. Enlarging windows that open to the patio is a low-cost option to incorporate this style. A modest lunch counter next to the window can also be added. Choose accordion doors with big windows if you want something a little more opulent.

Earthy And Dark Colors

Never fear if you’re not experiencing a sunny disposition! Earthy, warm colors are also acceptable. We’re talking about browns, brown-reds, greys, and beige, and don’t forget the greens that take you back to nature and give the kitchen a cozy atmosphere. These hues complement the dark wood tones seen in mahogany, ebony, and walnut.

Keep your kitchen cabinets, walls, and counters in dark colors if this is the appearance you’re going for. To let enough light into the space, the floor shouldn’t be as black. Black, copper, and gold complement earth tones quite well in the hardware industry.

Kitchen Pantry With A Hidden Shelf

A sizable walk-in pantry would be ideal for everyone. The fashion is to have a pantry that is not only neatly kept, but also has a secret entrance! A cabinet or even beautiful moldings in the wall might disguise the pantry. Why keep it a secret? Appliances are hidden under cupboards for the same reason: it gives the kitchen a more open appearance. Who hasn’t imagined having a secret room in their home, after all?

It takes agility and accuracy to construct a concealed door. There is no space for mistakes. To successfully produce the appearance, moldings must fit together perfectly. You must let your kitchen designer know right away if the plan is to use a cabinet to hide the entry so that the design can be modified to form a logical whole.

Clever Appliances

In kitchen design, technology is making a mark and taking center stage. What is the end goal? to speed up and simplify the cooking process while yet having a simple design. Sink motion sensors, covert range hoods that react to steam and odors, and smart coffee machines that brew when you press a button on your smartphone are all examples of smart home technology. As you can see, there are a lot of intelligent kitchen gadgets to learn about.

Choose Unica Concept For Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

The countertops and cabinet colors that were popular last year can easily make a kitchen look out of date today since kitchen trends change quickly. Learn more about the top kitchen trends for 2023 below to get ideas for your upcoming renovation. If you are planning to redesign your kitchen, Unica Concept is ready to hear your ideas and put them into action. 
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