Care Maintenance Tips Kitchen Cabinets

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Kitchen Cabinets

After you have chosen and installed with us your favourite kitchen, we will not let you alone there. You will find here a guide with care and maintenance tips for your kitchen cabinets. To maintain the former shape of your kitchen cabinets you need to give constant care and cleaning so the colour of the wood can stay the same. 

Set a Cleaning Schedule

Before you start doing any work, it is important to set a weekly cleaning schedule and give your right attention. By making a schedule on what and when to clean different parts of your kitchen, you will be able to distribute the work in the entire month. If you do not do the right schedule, cleaning your kitchen will be a hard and stressful task and the chances of not cleaning it at all will grow higher. A regular little cleaning is recommended every time you cook something so that the oil and grease do not build up in your kitchen cabinets. Every two weeks it’s important to take some time in order to clean all the cabinet doors and drawers. Only if you keep this plan going for some time you can proceed with the last scheduled cleaning of the entire kitchen, in and out, only twice a year. 

Choose the Proper Tools

A great soldier is nothing without his guns, and to do right every job you want to accomplish you will need the right tools. We have saved for you some info and tips with the right care and maintenance tools for your kitchen cabinets. This is very important because if you clean delicate spots like expensive wood and glass with a rough cloth, it may ruin it and do quite some damage. The right way to clean kitchen cabinets is by using soft cloths and brushes that can not damage our favourite room of the house. 

Start at the Top

In order to save yourself some time and some work, it is best to start the cleaning process from the top cabinets. If you clean the bottom ones first, you may end up making them dirty again while cleaning the top cabinets. Another thing to keep in mind if your top cabinets do not extend to the ceiling is to always clean the tops of the cabinets because they can become very dirty. The fronts of the cabinets need to be clean with warm soapy water with a soft cloth and dry a little before using it on cabinets. 

Dark cabinets need a little more attention to check for coffee or other stain spots that need to be clean right away in order not to damage it. Also if you have dark cabinets you can use different sprays to keep and protect their paint before turning them into a brighter colour. 

Besides the top, you need to clean under the cabinets every now and then. You can do that by removing the bottom parts of the cabinets and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. 

Don’t Forget About Handles and Grooves

Often handles and grooves are overlooked while cleaning the kitchen cabinets and that’s why you should show extra attention. A toothbrush or a small paintbrush can do the job perfectly. Simply spray the handles and groove areas with warm soapy water and attack those hard to reach places where your cloth can’t get in. 

4 Things You Need to Avoid in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Some tips in order to care for your kitchen cabinets and provide them with the right maintenance.

  • Avoid Excessive Moisture. Moisture is the number one enemy of every kitchen material. If you want to destroy your kitchen cabinets, leave them wet, but if you want to protect them you need to be careful and dry any wet spot. Greater attention requires the cabinets that are near the sink and dishwasher.
  • Avoid Light Damage. Especially for kitchen cabinets that are made from natural wood the exposure to direct sunlight can be very damaging. That’s why you need to use window covers to reduce the amount of light and protect them from fading.
  • Avoid Temperature And Humidity Extremes. The expansion and contract of the wood in extreme temperature and humidity levels can be destructive for your kitchen cabinets. You need to keep the humidity and temperatures at constant levels if you want your kitchen to last longer.  
  • Avoid Exposure To Harsh Cleaners. As we said before, using the right cleaner for your kitchen is a lifesaver. All the organic solvents, bleachers, acids etc shouldn’t be used in your kitchen cabinets even if you fave hard to remove spots. 

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