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Choose The Right Commercial Cabinets – Tips

Commercial cabinets are a very important part of keeping your business or other commercial property organized. When you’re having new commercial cabinets installed, you need to know that you’re getting the right ones for the job.

At Unica Concept, our Toronto cabinetry experts can help you select the perfect cabinets for your commercial property from our wide variety of different cabinet styles, designs, and sizes. After we help you choose the perfect cabinets, we’ll also provide you with a high-quality cabinetry installation, and all of the products and services that we provide you with come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We’ve also compiled a few tips to help you select the perfect commercial cabinetry for any property:

How Strong Do Your Commercial Cabinets Need to Be?

When it comes to strength and durability, cabinets fall into three main categories:

  • Business Cabinets

These are good for light use, so they’re ideal in offices or other business properties where they won’t need to withstand too much wear-and-tear. They’re great for light storage but won’t take to heavy use very well.

  • Industrial Cabinets

These are stronger, heavier, and more stable than business cabinets, and they have a higher capacity. They’re ideal for light manufacturing or plant floor uses.

  • Heavy-Duty Cabinets

These types of commercial cabinets are made of stronger and more durable materials, so they’re great for any industries that need to store heavy equipment in an unsafe environment. These will outperform and outlast lighter products.

Think about what you’ll be using your commercial cabinets for most, and what sort of environment they’ll be in at your Toronto commercial property to choose the proper strength.

Which Style of Commercial Cabinets Do You Need?

There are three basic styles of cabinets:

  1. Storage
  2. Wardrobe
  3. Combination
  • Storage cabinets have horizontal steel shelves for organization and security of any equipment, and they’re the most popular style of commercial cabinet.
  • Wardrobe cabinets are designed with a coat rod and a top shelf, and they’re primarily used to store uniforms or other garments.
  • Combination cabinets are the perfect choice for any business in Toronto that could use both of these features. For instance, they’re perfect for janitorial staff because they can store brooms and mops as well as any number of other supplies.

Which Optional Features Will You Need?

Once you’ve determined the strength and style of your commercial cabinets, you can think about the extra features you need. Some of your options include:

  • Mobile cabinets with casters for portability
  • Vented cabinets to provide airflow
  • Transparent cabinets to increase visibility
  • Rust-resistant cabinets
  • And more!

Shopping Tips:

Consider your budget: Three are cabinet types: stock, semi-custom and custom. Custom cabinets are more expensive compared to stock and semi-custom cabinets. But it can include many added features that you can choose.

Pick a style: Framed or frameless? Framed cabinets are made of a box and face frame. Frameless cabinets are known as European look and they skip the face frame. 

Inspect the construction: Well built cabinets have solid wood drawers instead of particleboard, full extension drawer guide rather than an integrated rail. 

Focus on features: Remember that they can increase the cost up to 20 percent. But a lift cabinet, with a spring-loaded shelf, offers easy access to your stand mixer or food processor.

Commercial Cabinets Near Me

Decades of experience build the foundation for creative solutions to provide you with the best commercial cabinets in Toronto. Our commercial cabinets provide the form and function for a great project. The Unica Concept’s line of cabinets includes thousands of different standard models. They range from the base, wall and tall cabinets to hutches, lockers, and cubbies. 

Unica Concept casework builds solutions for education, healthcare, laboratories and commercial environments in Toronto. We are one of the largest manufacturers of commercial cabinets, casework and millwork in North York, Toronto.

Find a Partner for Your Kitchen Design

If you are feeling confused and you haven’t gotten a partner for your kitchen design Unica Concept is here. The shade matters when choosing gray for your kitchen cabinet colour. If you’re the traditional type, darken it up with a smoky gray. Go light for a contemporary, chic style or a distressed barn wood to unleash the shabby-chic in you. Unlike some other cabinet colours, grays will offer the perfect balance of warmth and neutrality, working well for any size kitchen and style.

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