Commercial and residential cabinets

Residential and Commercial Cabinets in Toronto

At Unica Concept we have manufactured high quality crafted commercial and residential cabinets and furniture for major retail, banking and professional institutions located across Toronto. Be it an item specialized for an individual or a more standard requirement; Know that we can provide you with a design and then the creation at our local facility. 

We at Unica Concept understand perfectly the importance of the client’s specific needs. We always strive for success in our commercial cabinet creation. With our aim to enhance brand image and improve the functionality of office procedures.

Unica Concept for your residential and commercial cabinets!

We offer residential and commercial cabinetry products for cabinet shops, cabinet dealers, mills and other vendors in Toronto. Here are some standout features and high-quality finishes in commercial cabinets and manufacturing services:

  • Built with the best materials and construction techniques.
  • Custom casework for any commercial and residential application.
  • Decorative laminate and melamine options are available.
  • Wide range of colour options, with full aesthetic appeal.
  • Quality in every manufacturing process.

From inside to out, and top to bottom we are focused on making quality a priority in every stage.

Our experienced team combines the best standards with different solutions. With our focus on detail and beautiful workmanship, you can count on receiving the best cabinets with the best quality that will stand out.

Wood Residential/Commercial Cabinets

Varied finish options to match any decor. The classic look of wood has always been popular in educational and research environments. In addition, Unica Concept wood finishes provide durability while still offering a pleasing appearance. Which has also many hardware options that create extra space

PLAM Cabinets

Plastic laminate will offer you the widest selection of colours and patterns with many choices for edge hardware. It is very well suited for labs that do not require a high degree of corrosion resistance. However, commercial and/or residential cabinets with this choice of product, we can provide you with an economical lab in a short time in order to meet your needs.

Phenolic Residential Cabinets

Our phenolic, residential cabinets are made from solid phenolic panels. It is a very reliable option wherever chemical or corrosion resistance is present. Usually, finished projects can come with a variety of surface colours and are built with an overlay construction.


Countertops will serve you aesthetic and industrial uses in space. From commercial spaces, educational rooms, plastic laminate for offices, reception desks, to phenolic resin for labs.


Available in plastic laminate, wood, melamine and phenolic, Unica Concept offers:

  • adjustable wall shelving
  • post shelving systems
  • reagent rack systems
  • countertop mounted flex shelving
  • custom shelving systems

Unica Concept shelving systems provide great storage and organization for commercial spaces, offices, teaching rooms and much more.


Unica Concept offers a variety of lockers meeting all your needs and storage space as well as your budget.

Teaching walls and Markerboards

We offer combinations of cabinetry and media boards made up of tack surface, marker boards and chalkboards.

Unica Concept will always fit your application with a variety of markerboards. Whether it’s stationary, sliding or any kind of configuration

Teaching walls and marker boards range in size and configuration. All with the best quality!

Find a Partner for Your Kitchen Design

If you are feeling confused and you haven’t gotten a partner for your commercial cabinets, Unica Concept is here. The shade matters when choosing for the colour of your commercial or residential cabinets. If you’re the traditional type, darken it up with a smoky gray. Go light for a contemporary, chic style or a distressed barn wood to unleash the shabby-chic in you. However, unlike some other cabinet colours, grays will offer the perfect balance of warmth and neutrality. Feel free to call us at 416-746-2226 or to send us an email at [email protected]. We will help you to create a space very comfortable and attractive.

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