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Custom Vs Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets is often one of the difficult parts for every homeowner in Toronto. Sometimes people can’t make a choice on their own and seek out the help of a professional kitchen cabinet maker. Unica Concept is always ready to listen to your ideas and help you make the right choice. While classic cabinetry works well for a country kitchen, sleek and modern cabinets provide homeowners the chance to design a contemporary area. However, the cost and overall design significantly impact the distinction between semi-custom and bespoke kitchen cabinets.

Before you make the final decision we suggest you take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. The following information will help you choose between semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets 

At Unica Concept we create or design cabinets based on your preferences. The materials utilized for the kitchen cabinets are entirely under the homeowner’s control. Custom cabinets allow you to construct kitchen cabinetry that runs at any length along the wall. Also, that fits precisely into weirdly shaped corners since they offer a wide range of measurement options.

They have a lengthier lead time even though some of them are constructed using materials that are identical to stock cabinets. Most homeowners choose solid wood when purchasing custom cabinets. You can redecorate in the future and offers lifetime durability.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets are between fully personalized and ready-to-install cabinets. It is simply a constructed cabinet with limited space for small adjustments and benefits. Semi-custom cabinets are the way to go if you cannot afford custom cabinets but still want your cabinets to look custom and supplied. An empty shell of pre-fitted wood ply is what you receive when you purchase a semi-custom cabinet. It is necessary to apply the surface’s remaining finishes, details, and aesthetics subsequently. The consumer is even given the option to select from a variety of dimensions, sizes, and styles. The cabinets’ depth, drawer depth, and door knobs can all change, providing a lovely range of options.

Considerations to Make When Deciding Between Semi-Custom and Custom Cabinets

Quality Assurance

Unica Concept, as a professional contractor, will use only high-quality materials for kitchen cabinets. We can help our customers to make the right choice for the kitchen cabinets’ material. Additionally, we guarantee that we have built everything correctly before installation. Due to the possibility of compromising the quality of the materials used to lower the cost of production, some features in semi-custom cabinets will be standard. Even if they might not be of the best caliber, they are nevertheless far superior to prefabricated or stock cabinets.


It is crucial to remember that because there are no fixed costs, the price of creating custom kitchen cabinets can be a little intimidating. Since the greatest designs will be used to select the materials, their prices may vary. Depending on the level of customization and the materials used, semi-custom cabinets might range in price. However, due to the restricted modification possibilities, it shouldn’t incur a substantial cost. Unica Concept makes sure to provide you with the highest quality custom kitchen cabinets at an affordable price. 

Fit for Space 

Semi-custom cabinets can either be installed by you or, possibly at an additional expense, by your dealer. When installing bespoke cabinets, the business or individual who created the design ensures that every cabinet fits precisely into every corner. The benefit of having bespoke cabinets is that, if necessary, the builder can make small alterations. Our professional team can easily match the cabinet to the current décor or according to the homeowner’s specifications rather than speculating on the type of wood and finish.

Which Type of Kitchen Cabinets Should I Go For? 

While semi-custom cabinetry is less expensive than custom cabinetry, there are some restrictions on material quality and space compatibility. Make sensible decisions based on what suits your preferences and way of life before jumping into the buy. When choosing the right kitchen cabinets it is important you weigh all of your options to find one that is ideal for you.

If there is a little price difference between the two, custom cabinets can be the best choice for you because they offer superior quality and more design options. Unica Concept makes sure to provide you with the best quality of custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinets. We take the time to listen to your ideas, understand your preferences and design the right kitchen cabinets that match your interior design. Get in touch with us today! Call us on our phone number 416-746-2226!

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