bathroom design trends for 2023

Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends for 2023

The appropriate design decision can increase the value of a bathroom. Many people who are beginning renovation projects right now are tired of the patterns of recent years and looking forward to new emerging trends. Here are 10 bathroom design trends for 2023, whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or simply giving it a quick update.

White Bathroom

The all-white bathroom is one style that has been waning for a little while. Although many acolytes of the all-white bathroom consider it an immaculate design, its heyday appears to be behind as many believe it to be dated.

Instead of using all-white materials, those remodeling bathrooms increasingly prefer veinier stones with a more natural appearance. Although many people still favor lighter colors for balance, they prefer these tones to the stark all-white that was so prevalent in earlier design eras, despite the fact that many people still favor lighter tones.

Because many people believe that white makes a bathroom look larger, white bathrooms have become very fashionable. The reverse can work, providing a rich dimension that creates the sense of endless corners and curves.


Since most people think it’s an easy look to accomplish, minimalism has recently invaded almost every space in the house. But when done correctly, it requires more labor than most people realize, and when done incorrectly, it appears uninteresting. 

High Texture

In 2023, bathroom design trends texture is going to be huge. This entails ribbed appearances, wavy surfaces, and anything three-dimensional in the bathroom. The texture should be as distinctive as possible. This is particularly noticeable in cabinetry with fluted doors and elaborate hardware but look for any chance to add more texture to the bathroom, such as using brackets or tiling.

Powder Rooms

Another bathroom design trends for the upcoming year is powder rooms; those pedestal sinks are ideal for them. Despite the fact that powder rooms have never really been out of style, expect to see more homeowners using small bathrooms to add flair or personality to their homes overall designs. 

This is a perfect opportunity for designers to take a chance and stray a little from the principles that have governed the other rooms in the house. Who knows, maybe whatever you manage to pull off may end up on the trend lists for the following year. It’s appropriate to be a little more creative in a powder room.


Every year, it seems, the style shifts from bright terrazzo floor tiles in bathrooms to a more muted variant, like monochromatic. This year, the restroom is once again covered with striking terrazzo. Visualize enormous, square terrazzo tiles with fashionable patterns on the floor and fluted terrazzo tiles on the walls. But terrazzo in general is the true constant in this.

Fun is had. It’s vintage. And it has been popular for some time in some shape or form. If you have been unwilling up until now, you might want to change your mind. 

It appears to be standing still. Time to warm up to terrazzo. We offer the best selection of bathroom vanities to make your bathroom beautiful and functional.

Modern Gothic

This is a unique choice because it deviates from the traditional bathroom color scheme of pale, neutral hues. Use moodier, darker hues like dark blues and even darker greens to create a modern-gothic look. Additionally, black components are frequently found in bathrooms.

Some people might think it’s over the top, but when done right, a modern gothic bathroom can make a great statement and impress any visitors. Include brass brassware, which looks fantastic with gold veining on black marble, to enliven the space further.

Mixed Design

This style blends striking aspects from various eras to produce an ageless and approachable room. A delightful dance between old and new combines traditional elements like wood paneling, antique furniture, and patterned wallpaper with contemporary accents like mirrors, brassware, and accessories.

Bold Marble

Another bathroom design trends for 2023 is Marble. Marble tiles are a timeless favorite for bathrooms that are both tiny and spacious because this offering has undoubtedly more than demonstrated it’s interior credentials. However, the bolder, more dramatic tile trends are contradicting our preference for light, neutral marble.

Maximalism & Cottagecore

Cottagecore and folksy maximalism both exhibit an abundance of texture, color, and pattern that runs parallel to the less-is-more minimalist style. Our fascination with all things pastoral has firmly taken hold in the interior design industry, with decor styles ranging in intensity from delicate blooms to garnish neon frills.

Heritage & Chequerboard

In 2023, interior design is embracing vintage elements, including checkerboard tiling and half-wall paneling, for a touch of nostalgia. Checkerboard patterns, previously associated with cottage-core, have now become a separate design trend. These classic patterns, along with stripes, are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom tile and surface trends.

With their timeless appeal, checkerboard patterns and stripes offer a versatile way to add interest and texture to any bathroom. Whether used as an accent or as the main feature, these patterns create a playful yet sophisticated look. And they work well with a variety of color palettes, from bold and bright to understated and neutral.

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