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Small Kitchen Design Ideas that Expand Space

Nowadays many people complain because they have a small storage kitchen space. As a result, they always tend to design bigger kitchens. In fact, a well-organized small kitchen is more useful than a dysfunctional large kitchen. As we all know to design our dream kitchen we need the help of a professional kitchen cabinet maker. We at Unica Concept understand how important the kitchen space is that’s why we make sure to design it perfectly. In this article, we have listed some small kitchen design ideas that will make a kitchen look larger. 

Small Kitchen Design Ideas 2022

1. Remove Non-Essential Stuff

Everyone would like that its small kitchen would be more spacious and functional. Many homeowners fill their kitchen space with unnecessary items. When thinking about your kitchen’s design consider space an essential part of small kitchen design ideas. So, the first thing you should do is remove all the items that you don’t use anymore. By separating the items that you frequently use you will not only save your kitchen from clutter but also make the utensils more accessible. 

2. Take In Consideration Spaces in the Wall

Many people see only kitchen cabinets as an opportunity for storage space and forget the space that is left in the walls. For example, a good idea would be to use the space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling to store some of your items. 

3. Substitute Upper Cabinets with Open Shelves

When you organize a small kitchen correctly you not only make it functional but also make it look bigger than it is. If you add suitable shelves instead of upper cabinets you can achieve wider usage areas. 

4. Kitchen Island on Wheels 

If you have a small kitchen one of the best small kitchen design ideas would be a mobile kitchen island. A wheeled kitchen island can provide you can have a center counter and extra storage space. It is probably difficult to find the kitchen island on wheels and in the right size, but we at Unica Concept have the necessary experience and equipment to design it perfectly.  

5. Use Light Colors 

In order for your kitchen to look larger, you need to make sure you have the right light fixture. Don’t prevent the natural light from coming through the window in the living room and use a curtain that does not block the light. In addition, you can make your kitchen look bigger by mixing light and cold colors in your kitchen. A great choice would be white cabinets, pale blue or mint green cabinets that appear larger than the other cabinets. 

6. Improve the Cabinet Organizers 

Now let’s talk about the indispensable of small kitchen design ideas. Cabinet organizers are one of the best ways that help you maximize the space in your small kitchen. We provide a variety of drawers and cabinet organizers. You can place your items in an orderly manner using cabinet organizers. 

7. Add Kitchen Counter Bar 

A cool kitchen bar is an ideal choice for every homeowner that doesn’t have enough space to place a table in the kitchen. To do this you can use a part of the wall facing the living room. 

8. Under-Cabinet Lightning 

This type of lighting is almost used in every type of kitchen. The best choice would be to place some spotlights or red strip lights under the upper kitchen cabinets. In this way, you will take an important step toward making your small kitchen more spacious and stylish. 

9. Expand your Small Kitchen with Mirror

For people who have an open kitchen covering the upper and the lower kitchen cabinets with a mirror would make the difference. If you use the mirror not only between countertops but also in other parts of the kitchen you can make it look wider. Whatever the size of your kitchen you can still do your best if you choose one of these small kitchen design ideas

Hire Unica Concept for the Latest Small Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen space is definitely the most important part of the house and everyone wants it to be designed perfectly. Our professional team at Unica Concept makes this kitchen design process very easy. We always put our customers first and listen to their ideas and preferences. We are dedicated and make sure to provide them with the best kitchen cabinets. Thinking of redesigning your small kitchen? Get in touch with Unica Concept today. Give us a call at 416-746-2226!

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