Things to ask your Custom Kitchen Cabinet Maker

Before you choose your kitchen contractor there are some important things to ask your custom kitchen, cabinet maker. We will help you prepare a list of essential questions, so you can know which kitchen contractor is best for you. These questions will ensure that the job will be done correctly in the end. 

Key Definitions Related to Cabinets

Doors & Drawer Fronts. Because doors and drawer fronts are the most visible parts of your kitchen and that’s why you must be on the same page with your kitchen cabinet maker. The color and the style of the cabinets should be the first things that you have to let your contractor know.

Toe Kicks. The bottom part of the cabinets or toe kicks is another thing that you should know how you want it. You should ask if it is possible to make some small cabinets or else if they are removable in order to clean underneath them. 

Face Frames. Face frames are definitely the most important part of your kitchen architecture along with the actual body of your kitchen cabinets. They are made usually of other material from the fronts and other panels. You must be sure that they are made of good and durable material in order to support all the front of your kitchen cabinets. 

Box. Usually, this part can go unnoticed because it is not visible but is the most important part of your cabinets. With the box, we refer to the actual body of your cabinets. They need to be with a strong material because they will be the ones who will have all the weight. Make sure that the material that is used as a surface can be clean easily. 

Hinges & Slides. Hinges and slides are vital if you want a long-lasting kitchen. That’s why you should always buy the best ones so your cabinets don’t get stuck after a short period of time.

Knobs & Pull. Doorknobs and drawer pulls are a game-changer in terms of the looks and functionality of your kitchen cabinets. Knobs and pulls usually come with the kitchen cabinets but sometimes if you choose a luxury one you have to pay extra. 

Finish. The last part but a very important thing to worry about is the quality of the final protective coating that gives the protection and the final look your kitchen will have. 

7 Question you have to Ask your Kitchen Contractor

Now that we know some things about every part of our kitchen we can proceed with learning the things you need to ask your custom kitchen cabinet maker so you can get the best result. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about all the things you need to know about in order so you and your cabinet maker do not have any misunderstanding at the end.  

Q: What kind of materials do you use?

A: If you want a long-lasting and beautiful kitchen, you should be worried about what materials you will use. There are a lot of different types of materials and you may find it difficult to decide. That’s why it is best to require some help from a professional so you can get the best material that fits your needs and your price range. The first thing to know when choosing materials is if they are water-resistant or not because they will be in a space with a large amount of moisture. 

Q: Will the wood be checked for moisture content?

A: As we know, moisture is the biggest enemy of wood and that’s why we need to make sure that our cabinet maker is going to measure the moisture levels and remove them before installing. Kitchen because of the steam and the water from the dishwasher is the preferred moisture places and if in addition to that the kitchen itself has moisture, to begin with, your kitchen would not last very long.

Q: Will you do the final installation or hire a third-party for the job?

A: The installation has a very big impact on how your kitchen will look at the end. You must definitely know if the installation will be done by the cabinet maker or another third-party. It is best that the installation to be done by the cabinet maker because he knows everything about your kitchen and can make several changes or adjustments immediately.

Q: What kind of hardware will you use?

A: Not just the wood and the visible part of your kitchen cabinet is important but also the hardware that will be used to make the cabinet as functional as needed. Also, they have to be resistant to moisture in order not to create rust. 

Q: How long will the entire project take?

A: If you want a good job to be done in your kitchen you have to wait quite sometime before finishing it. That’s why you have to put this in the list of things to ask your custom kitchen, cabinet maker. Only after you arrange a good time for both of you will the cabinet maker start the job. So keep in mind to discuss the completion date before signing the contract.

Q: What about the product warranty?

A: Even if you follow strictly all the instructions that we gave to you there are still some things that can go wrong. To be protected from all the extra costs that may come after installing your kitchen cabinets you should ask for a product warranty. The warranty will save you from all the problems from things that your cabinet maker may have done wrong. 

Q: Does the price include the cost of installation?

A: This varies from maker to maker, some offer the installation cost included and others require extra money. You have to know this till the beginning of the negotiation about the costs so you don’t have any surprises at the end. 

Why we are the right choice for you

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