Bathroom cabinets buying guide

Bathroom Cabinets Buying Guide

Cabinets are an important part and indispensable component in your bathroom. Imagine you’re in a hurry and you need to speed things up. That’s why when you have an organized bathroom it is much easier. You can be done faster with a shower and getting dressed. 

We all know the importance of a clutter-free and organized space to start your day in a flash. The bathroom should be no different. Here is where bathroom cabinets, the masters of organization, come in. They present us with a simple and effective solution for all the space. And when you choose the right bathroom cabinets you can make certain of a pleasant look, feel and experience. 

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Bathroom Cabinets


The first factor to look for, when buying bathroom cabinets is the size. When you browse through different cabinets style you will find countless options. However, remember that since the bathroom cabinets come in a variety of sizes, colours and styles it is not easy to determine and choose the right one if you don’t know the dimensions of your bathroom space.

Unica Concept offers countless bathroom cabinet choices, and you’ll quickly realize almost any size, colour and style is a real possibility for both parts. You only have to determine the right size. 


Then, when you’re looking for the material, it is the utmost priority and importance for the durability of the chosen cabinets. Bathroom cabinets typically are placed in wet and humid surroundings. Therefore cabinets should be able to last for years on end in this harsh backdrop. 

The most popular materials are:

  • Wood,
  • MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard),
  • Metal,
  • Thermofoil

You can always opt for a wooden cabinet if the environment in your bathroom is decidedly favourable. The important thing is to ensure that the wood is properly sealed and lacquered. On the other hand, if the environment is especially brutal, we do not recommend wood since it is not the best choice. 


Often storage can fall behind aesthetics in order of importance when it comes to remodelling your bathroom. It is only when the bathroom is fully functional and finished, you can realize that a wall cabinet might have been a worthwhile investment. Fortunately, it is never too late to add a cabinet to your bathroom space. Simply ensure that the cabinet you’re choosing can be appropriately and a perfect match for your bathroom aesthetics. 

We suggest that you choose one that either compliments or contrasts your basin, bath and shower unit. 


Bathroom cabinets are the perfect option for your lasting storage solution. And if you’re aiming for an extra storage solution, you can opt for a cabinet with drawers that have compartments. However, you will need to take into account what you will really use in the bathroom. Only then you can decide the right amount of storage you need for your bathroom. 

Organize everything you have within reach and get a clear picture of how much space you need. Play it safe and add 25% more space than you actually think you need. Then, ask for Unica Concept help to find the best cabinet which can provide you with the storage space you need. 


Last but not least, it is your budget! While a minimalist storage unit that comes with a few features will not cost you much, another one with additional storage and features such as mirror, LED lighting can be expensive. However, if you check out all the bathroom cabinets available at Unica Concept you will find one that can be the perfect fit for your bathroom needs, both in terms of quality and affordability. 

Placement of Your Bathroom Cabinet

Some of the most important points to consider when choosing and determining the placement of the bathroom cabinets are:

The toilet – Do you want your cabinet beside, behind or in front of the toilet? Will you bump into the cabinet every time you want to use the toilet?

Door swing – If, your bathroom door swings inwards and hits the cabinet it can be annoying, and most importantly it is an ineffective storage solution. 

The shower unit – Before placing your bathroom cabinet, account for the shower door swing. 

The flow of traffic – Make sure your cabinet makes navigating all the areas if the bathroom. 

Different types of bathroom cabinets:

  1. Mirrored Cabinets
  2. Tall Bathroom Cabinets
  3. Storage Laundry Cabinets
  4. Storage Benches
  5. Corner Bathroom Cabinets

Find a Partner for Your Kitchen Cabinet Maker and Design

If you are feeling confused and you haven’t gotten a partner for your kitchen design Unica Concept is here. The shade matters when choosing gray for your kitchen cabinet colour. If you’re the traditional type, darken it up with a smoky gray. Go light for a contemporary, chic style or a distressed barn wood to unleash the shabby-chic in you. Unlike some other cabinet colours, grays will offer the perfect balance of warmth and neutrality, working well for any size kitchen and style.

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