Bathroom design and styles

The Best Bathroom Styles and Designs

Whether you’re looking for a bathroom remodel with the help of a bathroom designer, architect or contractor, knowing which style fits you better can be a big help. A primary bathroom is more than just a washroom, it is a place of renewal and refreshment. 

Bathrooms are supremely important. They should tastefully be decorated in materials, colours, and textures that reflect your personality. The bathroom should serve as a place of inspiration and happiness. Whether it is sleek modern styling you love, rustic details, or you are more into industrial features… there is always a perfect bathroom style for your needs. 


Transitional bathrooms walk the line between contemporary and traditional. They have just enough detailing to please folks in both designs. While these elements are both present, transitional bathrooms don’t veer far in either direction. 

Key features of transitional-style bathrooms:

  • Shaker-style vanity.
  • Light-hued stone counters, floors or wall treatments such as marble and quartz.
  • Undermount sink.
  • Subway tile.
  • Pedestal bathtub.
  • Glass shower enclosure.
  • Classic lighting such as drum pendants.
  • Updated chandeliers and sleek wall sconces.

Colour palette: Do you opt for cool or warm hues? Well, it doesn’t matter, the colour in your transitional bathroom cabinets tend to be soft and subtle. If you want a richer look, consider blue, brown, gray or wood tones.


Modern bathrooms are sleek and streamlined. They emphasize strong horizontal lines. Their clean and flourish details keep the focus on the architecture. 

Key features of modern-style bathrooms:

  • Floating vanity.
  • Glass shower enclosure.
  • Freestanding bathtub.
  • Minimalist faucets.
  • Streamlined lighting.
  • Frameless mirrors.

Colour palette: The focus of a modern bathroom style is mostly on architecture. It means that the colour palette tends to clean white, crisp, subtle neutral colours and black. Props of colour can be shown up in the form of accessories.


Contemporary bathrooms fully embrace the latest technology. The latest trends? A look with minimal adornment and clean lines. Contemporary bathrooms tend to stay away from heavy embellishments. 

Key features of contemporary-style bathrooms:

  • Sleek vanity.
  • Minimalist faucets.
  • Glass shower enclosure.
  • Statement tile.
  • Slim-profile mirrors.
  • The latest tech such as digital shower controls and smart mirrors.

Colour palette: In contemporary bathrooms, the most popular choice is a black and white palette. Although any high-contrast colour combination can and will work.


Traditional bathrooms are timeless, comfortable and refined. They have gleaming surfaces and high-end materials. Traditional bathrooms favour a healthy amount of decorative detail and classic elegance unlike minimalist modern bathrooms or contemporary bathrooms. 

Key features of traditional-style bathrooms:

  • Furniture-style vanity.
  • Elegant stone counters, floors or wall treatments.
  • Antique-style lighting.
  • Classic bathtubs such as a claw-foot or pedestal style.
  • Dressing table.
  • Wainscoting, wallpaper and decorative moulding.

Colour palette: The colours in traditional bathrooms are soft and relaxing. What works well is subtle neutral colours and pale shades of blue and green. However, if you are aiming for a richer look, we recommend deeper shades of blue, brown, gray and wood tones.


Farmhouse-style bathrooms balance the rustic appeal of regional and rural heritage. A farmhouse bathroom today, often incorporate modern elements. However, it is not the place to experiment with trends. Think simple, honest and homespun.

Key features of farmhouse-style bathrooms:

  • Shaker-style vanity.
  • Barn lighting.
  • Wall panelling.
  • Claw-foot bathtub.
  • Sliding barn doors.
  • Trough sink.

Colour palette: Farmhouse bathrooms favour simple and natural colours. A popular choice is white with crisp black trim. But, if you tend more for richer hues, look to nature-inspired neutrals and some other classic colours.


Rustic bathrooms embrace the natural beauty of the outdoors. To create a welcoming space, pair rugged materials with warm and cozy textiles. Depending on your personal design sensibility, the look can lean more or less contemporary. 

Key features of rustic-style bathrooms:

  • Wood or wood-look vanity
  • Vessel sinks made from stone or copper
  • Natural stone counters, floors and wall treatments
  • Copper bathtub, Japanese-style soaking tub or classic claw-foot
  • Hardware in weathered finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze.
  • Warming details. Such as bulb vanity lights.

Colour palette: This style of bathroom usually echo the hues of natural materials. Including warm woods with paint colours and accents in similar shades.


Industrial style bathrooms are simple and they are inspired by factories and warehouses. It has utilitarian spaces where raw materials, fixtures and finishes take center stage. Industrial bathrooms find beauty in the way things work. 

Key features of industrial-style bathrooms:

  • Glass-and-steel shower enclosure
  • Raw materials. Including concrete, stainless steel, brick and cinderblock
  • Trough and basin sinks
  • White subway tile
  • Hefty sliding doors
  • Exposed pipes and gear-like hardware and faucets

Colour palette: The raw materials used are in the industrial-style bathrooms. They have a pop of saturated colour. 

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