Laundry Room Design Ideas

After the kitchen, the laundry room is one of the next most important rooms in a house. People sometimes don’t give this hardworking space a fair amount of attention and it’s always underrated. If you are not blessed with a room only for cleaning and folding clothes, this article will show you how to transform a space into a laundry room. There will be ideas, plenty of decorating and storage tips that will help you make the most of a laundry room beyond just functionality. Besides the fact that a laundry day is rough enough, at least wash and fold in a stylish place, right?

Laundry Room Design Ideas

Cabinetry types

Try alternating between closed and exposed cabinetry, this will help the space feel open and visually interesting by exposing some fascinating items.

Try fun patterns

Wallpaper instead of plain paint. It will look fun, trust me. It’s not going to be that boring common laundry room. Some pop of color won’t hurt anyone, instead, it will be very cool. 

Paint the ceiling

Since the majority of laundry rooms are small, they don’t give you much space and opportunity to be creative and to design, so, the ceiling can be a good canvas for your art. Try painting it with a fun color like sky blue and why not add some cloud-like designs? It will look quite relaxing and fun.

Install a sound system

Guaranteed fun! Installing speakers and blasting some music will make laundry day a little more inspiring and interesting. 

Incorporate art

If you are not the type of fun bold colors or wallpaper, add some color and personality by hanging some art on the walls of the laundry room. It will lighten the mood.

Add storage with baskets

Why only store things in cabinets when you can save extra space with baskets. Straw baskets are very cool and stylish and will pair with any aesthetic vibe your laundry room might have. 

Stack the washer and dryer

Stacking the machines is a perfect way to save floor space. If you have a small room and space is necessary, be creative with ways to save it.

Paint with colors

Colors are the best way to set a mood and bright ones of course will brighten that mood. Try clean and light color palettes to make the laundry process relaxing and less overwhelming.

Add plants

Plants bring life in any space they are added in. they can be very stylish too and give a hand to the design of the room. Incorporate flowers and plants in any space of the home. Trust me, it will make a huge difference for the better.

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