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10 Popular Bathroom Design Trends In 2022

The bathroom is a vital space in your home, whether you’re getting ready to go out, go to bed, or just relax. First and foremost, it must be functional. It should, nevertheless, be comfortable and soothing. If you’re undecided about what you want, trends might help you find out what you enjoy and don’t like. To help you design your bathroom, here are some of the top bathroom design trends for 2022

Whether you’re looking to make a minor upgrade or a whole overhaul, you’ll want to read our expert advice below.

1. Plenty of Plants

Biophilia is a bathroom interior design trend that will continue to grow.

You can create a tranquil spa-like retreat in the bathroom by using a biophilic approach and designing it with a variety of natural components like houseplants and pampas grass.

2. Spa-Like Bathroom Design Trends

The number of luxury bathroom options available at Meritage Homes has increased significantly.

Most homebuyers are prioritizing specialty features that create a spa-like retreat. In 2022, this trend will continue to take place. 

Consider luxurious finishes like elaborate mosaic-tiled shower pans, euro-style shower doors with thicker glass, minimal framing, attractive hardware. Also, there are beautiful low-maintenance granite or quartz solid surface counters with on-trend under-mount sinks.

3. Standout Benches and Stools

Bench and cosmetics vanity stools will be the ‘in-home accessory of 2022, especially when coupled “with something soft and tactile.”

4. Scenic Murals

Bathrooms are no longer restricted to sterile all-white walls and a contemporary vibe.

Even individuals who prefer clean lines and modern bathrooms are getting increasingly comfortable with vibrant patterns on walls and sometimes matte black fixtures.

Statement walls are no longer merely for wowing customers in waiting areas. Color, detailed murals, and hand-drawn images are introduced to bathrooms and powder rooms. In this way, they create spa-like sanctuaries for homeowners to relax, unwind, and savor every day.

5. Statement Marble As A Bedroom Design Trend

If paintings are too much for you, marble could be a more discreet alternative. White and grey marble colors are used in higher-end luxury schemes.

Using materials that contrast with each other to establish visual and tactile texture in the room, interior designers can create a sensation of luxury.

6. Luxurious Fixtures

In 2022 bathroom design trends marble isn’t the only thing that will be luxurious.

In the realm of bathroom design, quiet and serene will reign supreme, but those traits will be complemented with sumptuous finishing touch and eye-catching storage options.

What are the most crucial design components to include? An abundance of tile work will make plumbing fixtures less ornamental and more like eye candy. In addition, a balance of bright, natural huge creating a stunning home design and peaceful getaway vibe.

7. Mixing Textures

We’ve seen minimalist and monolithic tones in bathrooms in the past, but for 2022, we will build projects with glass meshed with sandwich mirrors, textured wall coverings, and movement inside the space instead of the simple solid colors we’ve seen over the past five years,” she says.

8. Natural Materials

That doesn’t rule out the use of more minimalist palettes, but natural elements will make neutral environments feel cozier.

Allow the sun to fall across the textured bathroom tile, stone, and wood as you breathe in the fresh air. These rooms are simple but spacious, secluded but still connected.

9. Wet Rooms and Walk-in Showers

More individuals are opting for walk-in showers and wet rooms over baths, and smaller cubicles are giving way to considerably larger and more spacious enclosures. Colorful and patterned shower curtains may provide a magnificent bathroom feature. Showers are convenient since people’s lives are so hectic, yet luxury and eye-catching freestanding baths will always have a market.

10. Mixing Old and New

Consumers are more clear about what they like and desire, and they are also more prepared to take risks with their bathroom design trends to create something genuinely distinctive.

Looking for some design inspiration for this trend? Consider a traditional bath with a sleek and modern faucet or period faucets with a contemporary sink.

Living in a high-tech world when unlimited choices, colors, stunning bathroom cabinets, custom cabinet Toronto, and fine finishing’s are only a click away, one can only think and fantasize about what their bathroom style may be.

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