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Top 13 Kitchen Design Trends That Will Evolve During 2022

Kitchen design trends have evolved significantly throughout the years, and it is critical to plan ahead for your kitchen redesign. Technological improvements and changing social interactions have fostered the development of the modern kitchen.

The popularity of open concept residences, which revolve around the kitchen and allow everyone to be together, is growing.

As with any modern design trend, clean and simple styles have been popular among homeowners, with natural light being a key component of the overall beauty and function of the kitchen space.

Here are the top 10 kitchen design trends we expect to see in 2022.

1. Smart Kitchens

Technology has made a full-fledged entrance into the kitchen island, and not simply in the shape of glitzy gadgets and appliances. You may now have a kitchen that incorporates technology into every function and item, from the faucets to the refrigerator to the lighting. That’s what we call a smart kitchen.

 Simple add-ons include motion-sensing kitchen faucets, which sense the presence of hands beneath them and turn on automatically, or try a one-touch option. Refrigerators that can alert you when you’re running low on supplies, or a coffee maker that can be set to be ready when you get up.

There’s also a device that monitors your eggs and warns you when they’re ready to go bad.

Remember to upgrade your lighting system so that you can control all of your lights from your smartphone or tablet.

2. Kitchen Cabinet Colors: Dark Colors Are Finally Here & White Is On Its Way Out!

Despite the fact that white cabinets are a traditional design that can be employed in virtually any kitchen style, they are on their way out! 

During the year 2022, we expect white will lose popularity. Expect islands in a variety of paint colors or wood stain hues to break up the all-white kitchen. For the bravest hearts, the combination of finishes creates a needed accent piece as well as additional splashes of color that are eye-catching.

The tones of blue and green will be the most popular for these pops of color. In addition to these natural colors, dark jewel tones such as black, navy, emerald green, and even plum are making their way into the kitchen. 

Dark kitchen cabinets, with their dramatic and sumptuous feel, will astound you in how effectively they may function in and/or improve a kitchen space.

3. Streamlined Designs, Materials, and Textures

Homeowners are getting more streamlined in their overall look, kitchen designs, and alternative materials, while farmhouse and mid-century contemporary styles remain popular.

You want to come home to a stress-free setting that drowns out the strains of everyday life. This usually translates to “simplicity.” It’s all about modern clean lines when it comes to simple appearances. Throughout 2022, they will continue to be a tremendous hit.

Removing upper wall cabinets has grown increasingly popular in recent years because it creates more visible space in the kitchen, making it appear larger and brighter. It allows you to make better use of your living space. Not to mention that most people can’t reach the cabinetry’s upper shelves in the first place. Although open shelves would be a terrific alternative if you required more storage space or wanted to create a focal point.

4. Quartz is King in Kitchen Design Trends

For high-end kitchen countertops, quartz remains the most popular material. The material is extremely long-lasting, easy to clean, and anti-microbial. Granite, the main contender in the high-end category, necessitates a little more upkeep.

When quartz countertops initially hit the market, the biggest concern was a lack of color and treatment options. However, because of technical improvements, manufacturers today provide a wide range of colors and authentic stone designs. Quartz can be polished to look like other materials, such as actual stone, with intricate swirls and huge veining. These one-of-a-kind looks have become extremely trendy.

5. Effective Storage Solution Cabinetry

The loss of room is one of the most aggravating features of kitchen cabinetry. There is a lot of wasted space on the basic shelves and drawers.

 Worst of all, available space is frequently either too little for some of your larger items or too wide, leaving you with no way to effectively and efficiently organize the area. One of the most critical aspects of a practical kitchen is storage.

If it is insufficient or inefficient, you will confront countless disappointments and hurdles.

To address these storage concerns, homeowners are beginning to look at improved storage options within cabinetry. Small appliance garages, drawer dividers for cutlery and utensils, spice pull-outs, tray dividers, roll-out trays and caddies for pots and pans, rubbish and recycling wastebasket cabinets, and/or deep drawers are examples. These will make it easy to keep food, drinks, and small appliances.

6.  Hardwood flooring reigns supreme, but ceramic tile is gaining ground.

Hardwood flooring is still a popular choice for kitchen flooring. Ceramic flooring, the second most popular option, is on the rise in popularity. Thanks to technology improvements, ceramic flooring is now available in a wide selection of designs, styles, and sizes.

There are ceramic tiles that look like hardwood flooring, for example. If you like the beauty of hardwood but need a material that is easier to maintain, consider ceramic. In addition to wood, ceramic tiles can be created to seem like a range of different materials, including real stone. Even the surface texture has been changed to match these materials.

7. On a Single Level, Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are no longer considered a last-minute addition or a space-saving. They’ve evolved into the kitchen’s main point and core. One of the new kitchen trends is single-level larger dimensions that can be used for numerous purposes, which is especially important now that we’re seeing less wall cabinet space in kitchen design trends. The kitchen island is designed to make a statement, and its design must do so.

8. Beautiful Backsplash Kitchen Design Trends

Backsplashes can be a fun way to personalize your home. Kitchen tile backsplashes, on the other hand, appear to have fresh trends and styles all the time.

First and foremost, subway tiles are no longer in use! 

Okay, they’re not completely out, but if homeowners are using them these days, it’s because they’re larger. Larger slabs of tile with a range of textures and patterns are becoming more popular. There are a plethora of color options available here. 

It all depends on the other colors you use in your kitchen, as well as your own preferences. Right now, a splash of color is really fashionable, and it helps you to be more creative with your design. For those seeking a classic aesthetic, neutral patterns with natural texture are another alternative.

 9. Connecting With The Great Outdoors

Literally, homeowners are connecting their kitchen to an outside space or patio! By installing a glass door in your kitchen, you may simply connect these two areas of your home. Another thing we’ve been doing a lot lately is removing the small window next to the sink and replacing it with 5-6 foot wide windows. This will involve some re-framing and the removal of the now-fashionable wall cabinets.

10. Adding a Pop of Color

As previously stated, white will never go out of style. More and more individuals seem to be interested in experimenting with colored cabinets in their homes, particularly in the kitchen. We spend most of our time entertaining guests in this room, so why not paint it in our favorite color? We’ve seen and will see this on islands, hutches, and even a full wall as a flash of color, but not in the kitchen as a whole. The earth’s colors, such as marine blues and strong greens, will be the predominant colors in 2022. It doesn’t end there; numerous cabinet manufacturers have released soft pinks to add a feminine touch.

11. Mix and Match Metals

Metal mixing provides a room character, especially when done effectively. In 2022, we’ll see a rise in diverse styles.

It is no longer fashionable to keep spaces “matchy-matchy.” Add a soft gold faucet with matte black or nickel hardware if you like gold fixtures but don’t want them all over your kitchen. Light fixtures can be made of whole other metal, with indications of the metal you’re working with elsewhere.

 12. Decorative Exhaust Hood

In 2022, homeowners will be emphasizing hood kitchen designs. Depending on the layout of the kitchen, this piece may serve as a major focal point.  The range and hood are usually mounted on a wall that can be viewed from other parts of the house. A bespoke steel hood can help break up a long row of wood cabinetry. These are excellent qualities, but they come at a cost.

13. Walk-In Pantries & Outdoor Kitchens

With the prevalence of the open concept, window walls, and open shelving, walk-in pantries have become a requirement. These pantries can be open, hidden, or hidden behind closed doors, but they are increasingly becoming a showpiece with painted or wallpapered walls and bright hues. Some have even evolved into a “second kitchen” with additional appliances such as dishwashers and beverage refrigerators. These sections help to provide the impression of a clean, well-organized kitchen.

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